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Art In Conversation is about sharing, is about inspiring a relationship with art through direct conversation with artists.

Our mission has two purposes: 


  • To promote Romanian artists and designers and to create a direct connection between artists and audiences across the world.

  • To introduce and connect artists around the world with Romania and its cultural realm. 


We believe that the Romanian cultural space has a universality of expression which proves to be a binding factor between people and cultures around the world.

5. ANDREI NUȚU _ Martyr_ 2021.jpg

Our vision is to encourage and inspire a prevailing relationship with art through direct conversation with artists.

We provide a platform for dialogue between Romanian artists and global audiences and we seek to engage partnerships and collaborations internationally.

We believe it’s important to support our artists in whatever way we can, therefore, we have launched the Art in Conversation 3D Galleries, our version of the “ultimate empathy machine”.


Our virtual tours allow you to step inside the Galleries and experience art in a digital realm from the comfort of your home.

Romanian Artists, worldwide, are invited to become ART IN CONVERSATION members and to submit their work.


In addition to becoming a part of the Romanian Artist’s Community worldwide  - Art in Conversation -  you’ll receive the following benefits: 


Gain additional exposure.

You will have a professionally curated artist profile with bio and artworks gallery on our platform. It gives you more credibility in the eyes of collectors and galleries.


You will be part of a vibrant, dynamic, and diverse creative community.

Art in Conversation provides fantastic networking opportunities. Relationships are so important in the art world, not only with other artists but with potential collectors and gallery owners.


Free entry and access to member-only competitions throughout the year.

Your work will be exhibited in our virtual galleries and an interactive catalogue.


You will be promoted on our online and offline channels worldwide.


You will be notified of artist’s opportunities and residences organised by Art in Conversation and its partners. You will receive our support in any application. 


Join us - submit your application here

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