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Art In Conversation is about sharing, is about inspiring a relationship with art through direct conversation with artists.

Our mission has two purposes: 


  • To promote Romanian artists and designers and to create a direct connection between artists and audiences across the world.

  • To introduce and connect artists around the world with Romania and its cultural realm. 


We believe that the Romanian cultural space has a universality of expression which proves to be a binding factor between people and cultures around the world.

We provide a platform for dialogue between Romanian artists and global audiences and we seek to engage partnerships and collaborations internationally.


Our vision is to encourage and inspire a prevailing relationship with art through direct conversation with artists.

our collaborators' team

Ioana Nestorescu-Balcesti

Art Director &


Art in Conversation 

Maria Pasc

Art Historian and Publicist


for Art in Conversation 

Screenshot 2021-11-20 at 11.33.46.png
Vlad Andrei


Digital Marketer

Social Media Coordinator

for Art in Conversation 

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