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Artist Under Management:


Painter, sculptor and scenographer, born in 1969 in Bucharest - Romania, French nationality. A former student of the Nicolae-Tonitza school, the Nicolae-Grigorescu Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest and the Villa Arson in Nice, she has been studying and focusing her work for several years around her favourite theme "Contemporary Prehistory »  in a rich and exceptional artistic diversity, drawing, painting, sculpture. She has exhibited since 1990 in many prestigious places, museums and international fairs. In 1993, she founded the Anca-Sonia Superior School of Fine Arts in Grasse, of which she is the artistic and educational director.


My artistic approach, basically, is that of my life path: the organic matter of things, of the human in the animal and the animal in the human, the improbable encounters of chance and necessity, the permanent creation that goes from the hand to the canvas, from the canvas to the brain, in the flesh of the materials, the strength of the tools, the fingers, the eyes, the thoughts, the layers of paint, which give birth to the compositions.



I trace my furrow, I sow, I cultivate,

I enrich, and I discover day by day what I already know to be there because I have prepared for its arrival.

My approach is my path!



Artworks from 1995 to today "Chevaux" (Horses)  are one of the foundations of ANCA-SONIA's preferred theme, contemporary prehistory. If they know how to adorn themselves on certain works with luxurious halters or saddles, they remain above all a breath made of grace, nobility, power; the perfection of the line makes them alive, ready to spring from the canvas. They remain as the first animal domesticated in ancient times by man, which makes them a privileged witness of time and the alliance of one to the other, animal and human.


Artworks from 2005 to today is the Second reference of the theme "Contemporary prehistory" developed by the artist, it would be misleading to associate the presence of this animal symbol of virility and power with any obedience to bullfighting. No, what is in the work of these fearsome animals is just as much the strength – we feel quivering as for the horses elsewhere – the nostrils of the beast, the extreme musculature trembling once again handled to perfection by ANCA-SONIA's perfect knowledge of animal anatomy, but with equal sensitivity and fragility on improbable legs of extreme finesse, recalling that with the artist everything is a question of balance.


Artworks from 1990 to today, "Personnages" are rare in the artist's work. Rare and precious, associated with their animal or lonely reflections in postures of fragility. Rarely static, they seem to contort on the canvas as if to extract themselves from their envelope or want to scream their message. The series of golden dolls is of primary importance because, as soon as they are associated with it, we feel the influence of their presence move towards this magical creation which seems to bring them questioning or serenity, surprise and emotion.


Artworks from 1982 to 1988. This series, but in reality almost all of the artist's work could be marked with the same seal, is an imprint... Artists are comets. Their extreme sensitivity is nourished by the universe that surrounds them, but their appreciation of the passage of time is magnified by their artistic approach. It is therefore not surprising that a child who had become a young woman, for twenty-four years and despite a family shield made up of love and moral principles, was not lastingly marked in her soul in her discovery of the universe by the yoke of a ruthless dictatorship, that of the Ceaucescu, before the wind of history swept away these torturers. Anxiety, small battles or great struggles for freedom or daily survival, the sounds of boots and bullets surrounded the budding artist more than that of birds in the streets of Bucharest. However, this crossing of the meanders of History, armed only with his golden hands and a gift for drawing and graphic art, allowed him to open a window of hope in a world of darkness. . His works, of which the series "the cry" is the most obvious with these eyes that call and challenge, are the editorial of these times of fire. They are also a catharsis since, far from destroying her, these trials are undeniably the founders of the powerful artist that ANCA-SONIA has become. “Where there is nothing, there is always something,” she wrote. The artist has changed lead into gold…

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