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Mirabilis Art Jewelry brand was born in 2008 from our common passion for stones, color and shape.

We are two artists, a painter and a designer.

Ruxandra Papa, professional visual artist, UAP member and Master of Fine Arts and Sorin Papa UAP member designer, object designer, leather, furniture and more recently, jewelry designer.

In our creations we combine different materials, such as semiprecious stones (malachite, agate, onyx, jade, lapis lazuli, turquoise, coral, garnet, carnelian, pearls), precious stones (emeralds, rubies, sapphires) we shape antiques, we remodel them, give them a new life, etc.

We draw and create shapes to be later cast or shaped from metal, and we will use them to give life to a piece of jewelry, to combine them with semiprecious or precious stones.


Art Jewelry, RO
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Art Georgies is the success story of an artists team, who through innovation and professionalism reinvented the process of creating the old Byzantine mosaic and stained glass, by patenting new, unique materials.


From the beginning, Camelia and Virgil Moraru had a common passion for art and everything related to beauty. In 1992, when they began their journey in the field of mosaic and artistic stained glass, they did not imagine that they would go such a long way, but as art gives birth to art, so their works became symbols capable of conveys deep emotion.


Mosaic | Stained glass, RO

This is Design is a multidisciplinary graphic design studio based in London.

We are specialized in graphic design, logo design, packaging, book cover designers, page layout, digital illustration, typesetting, prepress production, and typographic design.

We embrace a collaborative approach to working with our clients. Before we design or develop anything, we first take time to ask questions and actively listen to the collective voices behind a given project. This way, we can fine-tune aspirations, hone objectives, and develop a shared language—setting the stage for us to create a design that is thoughtful, responsive, and successful.


Graphic Design, UK
OLIVE make heaven2.png

I'm a happily married mother of 2 (not the Kodak picture one), owner of a cat and a dog and madly passionate about interior design, creating beauty around us and enjoying life.

In the last years I've tried to figure out when my relationship with design started and I've realized that it was way long ago when I was a little girl-my mom was the one who always made sure our house was neat, clean, bright and most of the time happy.

No matter how much or less-more less in my youth years - money I had, I always craved for creating homie happy places around me.


make heaven
Interior design, UK
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Most of our creations greet you with beautiful classic elegance and originality – all results of the miniature paintbrush strokes of our talented signature artist Ana Wagner, along with her wonderful artist collaborators and her own sister, Irina Wagner who is the manager of Wagner Arte family business.

The story of the Wagner Arte workshop began in the winter of 2005 thanks to the passion the two sisters shared for fine arts and for this craft.


Decorative art and jewelry, RO
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