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Art in Conversation
with Liana Branzas


I was born in a late and cold autumn of the 1970s on November 8, in a beautiful city in north-western Transylvania, Oradea.  After graduating from the Humanities High School Mihai Eminescu in Oradea and after a short period in education, in a forgotten village, full of wonderful souls, following my destiny or chance, my steps stop in a small town in Italy, in the province of Padua, close to Giotto's painting in the Scrovegni Chapel.

Much later, timidly, in 2009-2010, I started to paint. From 2014 they start to exhibit in different art galleries in Italy and also through them a few of my works reached Rome, Tokyo, New York, the MIT Turin Museum of Modern Art, the Palace of the Armenians.

Painter | Italy

Artist Statement

My preferred technique is a mixed technique using both the brushes and the knife, oil or acrylics on canvas and when they seem insufficient to me, the fingers. I love the contact with colour.

As for private life, being a self-taught painter, cannot be divided into two dimensions. One complements the other, I look for perfection in the message and not in form or technique. In my works, I always look for the strength of language either by colour and shapes or by concept. Painting is a physiological necessity for me, I get emotional in front of both the beautiful and the ugly.

My next project is a personal exhibition in my hometown, Oradea at the invitation of the Oradea County Library. 


TBC - Oradea County Library


Udine - Marano Lagunare

Padua - Art Fair

Rome - Contesa Arte Area Gallery

2017 - Florence Biennale

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