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Art in Conversation
with Agapes Reign


AGAPES REIGN is an artist based in Europe who grew up in Bucharest, Romania.

Everyone is born with a different "package" and a base to begin with. Unfortunately, her odds weren't always the best, but that created her fire for art and shaped her as a person and as an artist. She is creating contemporary modern paintings, as well as 3D artworks.

Her aim is to stimulate people's feelings and touch their emotions through her paintings.

3D Artist | Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

My name is Rebeca Dumitru, I’m 26 years old and I m currently finishing medical school with the intention to follow through with my two big passions: one of them is painting and the other is medical care and esthetics through plastic and reconstructive surgery. I appreciate beauty in all shapes and forms and I m standing up for human expression. 

 “ Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become” 

I believe there is a part of art in everyone of us and the difference stays in its type of expression. Whenever I start to paint I don’t know what the story is really all about and how it plays out but I know I want “to tell” it.
I find myself facing an empty canvas which for me is already creating lines and shapes and guided by them I m constructing a story that feels so real I can almost touch it but it happens somewhere in my imagination yet to be phrased.
Every piece I m creating it’s the reflection of my thoughts and dreams at a deeper level than I can completely comprehend before it’s done; here it is, when I m adding my final brush strokes I finally can see it and I understand my experience through my art as I wish everyone can. 

The reason I developed a new 3D art technique is to get to really touch my ideas and see them as they were real. I like to give an abstract dream-like mood to every artwork I m creating because I believe each art is really a dream which can be shared with more people. Connecting people and connecting souls through a common perspective is one of the best things there is to achieve and I m trying to orientate that to existential questions and matters about life and living. We may connect to stay connected and share our own personal feelings for a brighter future. Better and wiser.

Currently, she is developing a new worldwide original 3D art style, signing her artworks using clay, liquid marble, copper, and other materials applied by resistant structures on canvas. The themes of her artworks are elaborated ideas relied on existential themes, raising awareness on different matters and therefore giving visual impressions on them.

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