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Art in Conversation with Alexandra Baciu


Alexandra Baciu suggests a different discourse on the relationship between man and woman, one that does not involve a supposed gender superiority, but entails a return to the archetypes, to the primordial. The project “Memories from another life” becomes an insight not only into the feminine universe, but also in the one of Alexandra. Wu Di- Asian Odalisk, Innuendo, Lakota - Dreamcatcher, Without Adam, When it snows no more, Self portrait with a red earring, are works that construct and are constructed by the variables of femininity: innocence, bashfulness, curiosity, defiance, aspects of the soul and of womanhood. 

Roxana Coman, Curator

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

“Memories from Another life” series is inspired by people I met who had a special quality. The Human Naturescape project is a symbiosis between the Memories from Another Life series (2016, Home Matasari, NAG) and the Entropic Erosion: Human Cityscape project (2015, Carol 53, Night of the Houses). Most of the models are plastic artists or people involved in one form or another in the creation process: artists specialized in painting, scenography, the art of Chinese imperial costume, dance, as well as a writer fascinated by the idea of ​​the island. They all have that special, magical quality, that something that makes you want to stop and talk to them and have their own deep searches. I perceived them all as "seeds" of the energy of creation, which can flourish at any time, passing on true sources of creative ideas. There are people - books in themselves and each painting was created by the energy of the story or the presence of the one who was the model. I did not choose them, but they came to me alone and chose to be models, not in a conscious way, but through their desire to tell me every book they contained in them, their story. It was not a rational process but an organic one, like "that's how it was meant to be." 

They are not of the same nationality, but from different countries: China, Spain, Romania, Rep. Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic. I met most of them in Rome, in 2010, former colleagues or friends from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. Upon returning to Bucharest, I continued the experiment project with colleagues from the National University of Arts. We have found that both internationally and nationally, art can be a very deep means of communication and human knowledge, which can lead to interesting results.

I continued my study based on the communication of inter-human energy and later, this subject being the main artistic interest to which I channeled my time and efforts, in the last 10 years.

Short biography:

Alexandra Baciu, born in Focsani, Vrancea County, on August 20, 1982. In 2004 and 2007-2008 she lived and worked in the United States. In 2012 he finished his studies at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, painting department, after studying under the guidance of professors Stefan Caltia, Cezar Atodiresei Alexandru Radvan and Petru Lucaci during his master's studies. 

Between 2009 and 2010 he studied painting, sculpture, drawing and engraving through the Erasmus scholarship at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, under the guidance of professors Giuseppe Modica and Pierluigi Berto and restoration with Claudia Alliata de Villafranca. During the same period she was a resident of the Academia di Romania in Rome and temporarily in Venice.

She exhibits at the M'Arte Live Festival and Galleria Pigneto in Rome, the International Painting Biennale in Chisinau, Ebiennale - George Enescu Festival in Bucharest and is active as curator and artistic director at Bucharest Art Week, the first edition and the exhibitions: Sweet Concrete at Elite Art Gallery UNESCO, Entropic Erosion, Human Cityscapes at Carol 53 during the Night of Cultural Houses, the White Night of Galleries and other events, involving in its projects both Romanian and foreign artists (Macedonia, France, Poland).

Artistic residences: Romania, Lithuania, Macedonia, Albania.

Public Collections: Elie Wiesel National Institute for Holocaust Studies, Bucharest, Romania & Skopje, Macedonia. Private collections: Kenneth Virden, USA, Simonetta Fredda, Rome, Italy, Daniel Ioan, Bucharest, Romania, Thomas Emmerling, Germany, Europe City Vilnius Art Collection, Lithuania, House of Art, Kicevo, Macedonia, Kavadarci Art Colony Collection, Macedonia, Pauline Bauchet, Paris, Apollonia / Fieri Collection, Albania, Gernik Art Collection, Timisoara, *** Focsani and Bucharest.

Refferences: art critic Claudia Dema (Rome, IT), Prof. Univ. Dr. Cezar Atodiresei, writer Darie Ducan (Bucharest, RO / Paris, FR), art critic Roxana Coman (RO) as well as visual artists Alexandru Radvan (RO), Maria Berg (DE) and sculptor David Sandor (RO), Ana Daniela Sultana Cipariu.

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