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Art in Conversation with Alina Codin


An extremely volunteer artist in her faith and mission to be, Alina is first and foremost a passionate color burner; because he throws himself with a visceral lust felt in everything that can communicate red, yellow, green and blue, an evolution that he discovers gesturally and decodes rationally. The pictorial instinct received as a dowry led her into the continuously visible world of the Romanian spiritual landscape, where the language of symbols instantly tells the story of what was and what will be; because this is the moment of Alina Codin's "return", a personal one, identified - nothing is accidental - even with this year dedicated to heritage, with "the place where the past meets the future".

Alice Dinculescu

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

In my DNA, blue, orange, purple, yellow, green and red blend harmoniously. I can't live without creating. I dream and feel the works before I actually produce them. I like to play with new concepts, to extract the essential from everything I see. I filter them through a thousand sites and offer the public the core of my vision of the world. I like to use different textures, overlays, collages and materials to create a new artistic universe from their combination. I am addicted to the adrenaline of creation, that's why I choose difficult subjects, which I try to destructure in order to recombine them in a new, more creative and exciting way.

I am currently working on the series "Conventional states of the unconventional man" that I started before the pandemic and that addresses the social masks of contemporary man. 

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