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Art in Conversation with Ana-Maria Hanganu


Ana Maria Hanganu conceives a story in images, recounting characters who seem to be detached from fairy tales, chained in a world of beauty and joy, life is celebrated in every corner of the canvas. In a continuous dynamism, the artist's narratives contain a musical fact, a combination between visual and auditory, which is based on the love for harmony. Musical instruments, harp, mandolin, whistle, seem to be extensions of the body of the characters, rendering a state of complete happiness, projecting the image of a perfect world, possible and in reality if the viewer has his eyes and soul open. 

Art critic, PhD, curator Maria Bilasevschi

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

To speak of identity means to speak of human nature and its complexity, of the history of man's becoming and his recreation through thought, effort and will, it means to speak of a visible, self-conscious and a hidden face that transpires in thoughts, gestures, behaviors. worthy of consideration.

From a scientific point of view, one cannot talk about identity without addressing the personality and its factors involved in the psycho-social processes that intervene in the structuring of personal identity.


Project ,'Forms of Identity' Hanganu Ana-Maria, 2019

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