Art in Conversation with Anca Sonia


Painter, sculptor and scenographer, born in 1969 in Bucharest - Romania, French nationality. A former student of the Nicolae-Tonitza school, the Nicolae-Grigorescu Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest and the Villa Arson in Nice, she has been studying and focusing her work for several years around her favorite theme "Contemporary Prehistory »  in a rich and exceptional artistic diversity, drawing, painting, sculpture. She has exhibited since 1990 in many prestigious places, museums and international fairs. In 1993, she founded the Anca-Sonia Superior School of Fine Arts in Grasse, of which she is the artistic and educational director.

Painter | France


Artist Statement

ANCA-SONIA's pictorial signature on his works is a path of light. ANCA-SONIA, artist and teacher, invites us to a meeting with ourselves. With her monumental canvases, she accompanies the visitor "up" ... I was going to write the spectator because it is indeed to the theatre that the artist invites us with a masterfully living work; a scene where she chooses her roles by theme, adapting herself, getting involved to the depths of her creations with a grace, a power, and always this axis of reflection which runs through the whole of her unique work: Balance.
Everything is BALANCE. And since she is an artist beyond canvases, she composes a universe tinged with aestheticism, romantic poetry, here she is soberly uttering a "The diapason" ... Her work is a symphony, and what do the mines matter? serious or interrogative of animals or painted and sculpted beings, since ultimately it is life, light that must triumph over everything… To meditated on.