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Art in Conversation with Anna Ravliuc-Bloomfield


‘My paintings do not intend to provide an idealistic view on the environment, but to recognize which individual roles in the surrounding society are important.’

Anna Ravliuc-Bloomfield is rising UK painter with international exposure. Anna works exclusively with oil paints which she feels have a unique ability to simulate volumetric texture through brushstrokes and glazing, thus increasing their optical properties. Her artwork strives to reveal how society spreads beyond its own subjective horizons and often reveals a story about the outcomes of global cultural interaction on individuals.

Painter | United Kingdom

Artist Statement

For me, painting is a way to manipulate various colour harmonies and textures to visually engage the audience. By creating a conversation between colour and texture, I illustrate moments that demonstrate the human drama in everyday life.

Oil painting has a unique opportunity to simulate volumetric texture through brushstrokes and glazing, increasing their optical properties. As painting technique, I draw inspiration from old Italian method and the Modernist tradition. Clean, deep colours help me to more accurately and succinctly express my thoughts, they do not disrupt the harmony of the painting, even if contrasting colours are side by side.

The "Origins" series completes a wide range of paintings that I have created in the last 15 years.  I’ve been studying ornaments and folk art a long time ago. This series is, first of all, my personal attitude towards the symbolic and traditional heritage of my ancestors, my vision and the continuation of the tradition, which was born almost 5 thousand years ago.  

The symbols of the rain and the sun, of life and death, the cycle of existence and the universe came to us from a distance, from Cucuteni-Trypillian culture. The tradition of symbols, their significance, their magic, has been passed down from generation to generation, from grandmother to mother and then daughter.  The thoughts and songs, the drawings and the embroidery embodied the faith and aspirations of my people, preserving and transmitting their history and dreams to their descendants.  Not once did the strings would break, but the song did not fade, not once would the thread brake, but the symbols did not fade, many churches and temples were destroyed, but faith was not lost.

In my paintings are the colours and symbols of my ancestors, of my family, of my land. The questions are woven into my paintings, and the answers come when you look at them. Will we save our cultural heritage or will we lose it?  Will we leave our culture enriched or ruined?  We will weave our thread into the carpet of the society, or we will cut it…

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