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Art in Conversation with Aurel Patrascu


Titular member of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania, Aurel Patrascu graduated from the National Academy of Art in Bucharest, Romania - class of 1992 - and over time, his works could be seen and admired in numerous exhibitions, personal or group, no only in Romania, but also abroad.

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

Aurel Patrascu about the 'Introspection' Exhibition

It's the theme of gates, a theme I've been researching very seriously for many years, it's the theme of chimeras which is in a rather special mixed technique, with honey, mixtures, color very carefully crafted and the last part is the theme of Ubu Rex after Alfred Jarry. It's a very tender topic from the artist's point of view. I also dealt with theater. It is about a puppet play by Jarry in which the central human character, the man, goes from the shape of the toy, to the most abject forms possible: soul, there is even physical. From Ubu 'the good', to Ubu 'the bad' is a very tender area for me, I really like the show. 

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