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Art in Conversation with Bogdan Bousca


Bogdan Bousca (n. 1973) is a Romanian photographer from Constanta, Romania. He debuted in Photography in 2008 and recieved his professional certificate in 2017.  He is the fouder of NARRATIVE NUDE photographic events, Romania. Bogdan Bousca exhibited in Romania, France, Italy, Germany, France, USA and Canada and his work was published in over 30 magazines all over the world. His work is in Permanent Artist at Bougie Art Gallery, Toronto (Canada), LOUPE ART, New York (USA), ARTExpertise Gallery, Florence (Italy) and LAVACOW Auction House - Art Gallery, Bucharest (Romania).

Photographer | Romania

Artist Statement

“Detaching far away as possible of everything that means commercial and technical it’s a goal itself. 

As much difficult is to achieve this in a world where kitsch is on charge and it sells better than ever, as much more I am satisfied with what I do.  There is always a tinny place between reality and fantasy. In this place I try to  breathe and create images. This place gives me the opportunity to dream with 

open eyes.” 


My submitted collection is my small world of fiction-reality, where the absence of time gives me another identity. Good cover for me to escape from daily routine and from all the „noises” around me. 

A never-ending dreamer.  

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