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Art in Conversation with Bogdan Cazacincu


Bogdan Cazacincu is a Romanian artist who studies at the Arts University, Department of Mural Art. He considers himself to be a visual artist, trying to combine urban things in a natural order.

The artist’s latest exhibit took place on the 1st of June in Bucharest, Romania, where other artists gathered to present an homage to the peaceful and joyfull world of children and their childhood years. The items presented approached themes like bedtime stories and fairytales characters, childhood games and lots of colors! Thus, the adults were introduced in the magical world of children.

The portraits, the structures and the installations were designed by Bogdan Cazacincu and they approach the psychological side of childhood age by cheerful and colorfull accents.

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

Artistic expression presupposes an inner search, where chaos has its realm. Through this search, he tries to bring it to the surface in various abstracted forms, through the effect of chiaroscuro and chromatic diversity.
I oscillate between figurative and abstract, and the theme I approach is agitation, both inner and outer.

I am always looking for inspiration through things, moods, the hustle and bustle of cities. I still do not consider that I have a style, my works involve a composition of elements in which I try, through different states, to harmonize them. The first contact with art, more seriously, was in high school, where I started painting icons for a while. After finishing high school, I went to the other extreme, namely secular painting or contemporary art.

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