Art in Conversation
with Bogdan Turcea


In my works, I strive to let the preconscious express itself directly, in the atmosphere of classical music, without premeditation, without conceiving preliminary projects or sketches, according to the surrealist method described by Andre Breton and to find later, during their development, a rational and an easy message to decipher.

In general, I approach themes about the sacred, in visions differentiated by the paradigms corresponding to some historical epochs (ancient, middle ages, and modernity).

Sculptor | Romania

Artist Statement

I tried to translate into different materials and techniques, angels, seraphim, sketches of genesis (with fingerprints of the Creator on bodies and with wings - as I imagined they had, when they were in Eden- as we all think we are born, with wings in our souls), unicorns, chimaeras, anthropomorphizations of the fairies, ancient deities, Icarus at the moment of the fatal impact (transition from flight to stillness, from life to death, from biological to the mineral), Icarus in flight (when the wings are touched by the Sun, resigned to the inability to reach the divinity) or characters from universal classical literature, who marked me and thus left their mark on my spirit. The characters from the novels of Cervantes and Dostoevsky (Don Quixote and Prince Mashkin) have a special place, which I consider avatars of Jesus Christ, in the Aristotelian vision of Catholicism and Platonic vision of Orthodoxy.

BOGDAN MIHAI TURCEA (b. 07.11.1966)

Graduate of the National University of Arts Bucharest, Sculpture department, lect.univ.dr. Mihai Rusen-lect.univ.dr.Adrian Ilfoveanu, in 2017

Member of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania - Sculpture Branch, since 2018


2018 - Osiris Gallery (with the painter Eugen Raportoru)

2019 - Holistic Art Atelier (with painters Eugen Raportoru and Lucian Liciu)

2019 - Alexandra's Gallery (with the painter Mihai Dumitru Glodeanu)

2021 - Romana Gallery (solo) -Imaginarium


2015,2016,2017,2018,2019 - Italian Institute of Culture

2016 - National Library

2017 - Diploma - The Institute

2018 - SNAC Centenar - Simeza Gallery

2019 - Artwalk - Qreator

2019 - Fusion Arts- Noblesse

2019 - Sculpture Salon - Simeza Gallery

2019 - Romana Gallery - August exhibition

2020 - Camil Ressu Biennial - Galati


2016 - 2nd place with sketch portrait of C.Brâncusi - the modelling competition - AMPT Bucharest