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Art in Conversation with Carmen Sarbu


Carmen Sarbu is one of the emerging artists of the romanian art scene.

She works in oil, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media, often experimenting with different

unconventional tools and materials. She is interested with the concept of materiality, a topic she is also researching theoretically, while also having academic training in art restoration. She likes to work in series in order to be able to explore a certain theme, concept or composition, her works being part of collections from Europe, United States and Australia.

Encapsulating some of the issues so acutely present in today's daily life: issues related to the environment or the precarious situation of refugees, Carmen Sarbu creates  a "golden" world, in fact a reality of consumer society seen through her eyes, and then by us through the canvases and installations.

Ana Lazarescu

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

The human figure is the main source of inspiration for my works. I am especially interested in expressing the way society, history or time shapes man. I usually work in series, trying to explore as much as possible a chosen theme, depending on which I adapt the techniques: oil, watercolor, mixed media.

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