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Art in Conversation
with Catalin TzeTze Radulescu


CATALIN TZETZE RADULESCU (b. 17.07.1962, Ploiesti, Prahova)  is a Romanian visual artist, art restorer and harmonica blues player.

Catalin TzeTze Radulescu's painting reveals an artist of the rebellious being, of that diffuse, unformulated thought, behind the thoughts that create ideas, a thought that descends in touches and colors, thus being seen and thus heard.

But beyond this cry of touches and colors, form, even in works that approach the abstract or maybe especially in them, is always coherent, sought after, intelligent and extremely strong, constantly creating a modern story and symbol. An artist in all his power, who in his art says what he feels and, above all, feels what he says.

Lucian Dan Teodorovici

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

I feel like "fish in water", approaching all the techniques I've studied in the past, or the ones I've invented myself. What I can confess now is that there is a certain color, invented by me, which I prepare myself and which is present in almost all my works. Yes, I am a committed painter, but my work is less intense than I would like, due to lack of time and conditions. The works are very difficult to sell during this period, and this reality forces me to brutally break the time I would spend in the workshop, in favor of other activities that would ensure my dignified living. Most artists face this tragedy globally. As for transformation and flexibility in approach, it can be seen, if I look closely at my work, that I am often very difficult to recognize in many of them. I like to change something all the time. I like to suddenly switch from painting, to graphics, or to installation. I don't find myself in a single way of working.

Catalin TzeTze Radulescu, RAF Gallery interview extract


1984    Graphic contribution to the homage album "Nichita Stanescu"

1985- 1993 member of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania - Prahova Branch

1985 (June) Group exhibition (Byzantine icon) - Palace of Culture, Iasi

1986 (Jan) Group exhibition (graphics) -Casa Studentilor, Iasi

1986 (Feb) Personal exhibition (Byzantine icon) - Palace of Culture

1986 (Feb) Personal exhibition (Byzantine icon) - Palace of Culture, Ploiesti

1987 (May) Group exhibition (scenography) Equinox Studio, Ploiesti

1987 (Sept) Group exhibition (sculpture) UAP-Ploiesti Gallery

1987 (Dec) Personal exhibition (Byzantine icon) UAP Gallery Ploiesti

1988 (May) Happening - Bucharest National Theater

1988 (Sept) Group exhibition (graphics) -Caminul Artei-Bucharest

1990 (July) Personal exhibition (graphic-poster) - Columns Hall, Ploiesti Palace of Culture

1991 (Feb) Personal exhibition (happening-installation) ATF-Bucharest

1991 (May) The scenography of the show “Poarta infenului” / Equinox-Ploiesti Studio

1992 (Aug) Personal exhibition (painting) Museum of Curiosities / San Marino

2004 (Nov) Personal exhibition - “Gaudeamus” Art Salon - Bucharest

2004 (Dec) Biennial of plastic art ”Ghe. Petrascu ”/ 7th edition, Targoviste

2005 (Jan) “Ion Andreescu” Biennial of Fine Arts / 5th edition, Buzau

2005 (March) Personal exhibition, painting "Ovus mater" - Cotroceni National Museum - Bucharest

2010 (March) Personal exhibition - the foyer of the Palace Hall - Bucharest

2011 (February-March) Personal exhibition - NATO Center - Brussels

2011 (March) Group exhibition - "Sulina 5" - Village Museum – Bucharest

2011 (May-June) Group exhibition - "Gesture" (graphics) - Parliament Palace – Bucharest

2011 (July) Group exhibition - Graphics Salon - Elite Prof Art Gallery - Bucharest

2013 (Aug) Group exhibition - Art Salon - Brasov

2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 (Aug) Annual Group exhibition - Arta printre blocuri - “Alexandru Margiloman” Cultural Center - Buzau, Romania

2019 (Dec) Group exhibition - Arta printre blocuri - “Alexandru Margiloman” Galati, Romania

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