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Art in Conversation
with Claudia Mandi


CLAUDIA MANDI is a Romanian visual artist and art historian. In 1997 she graduated from the Painting Department of the Arts & Design Faculty, West University of Timisoara- Romania, and in 2011 she graduated from the History and Theory of Art Department of the Arts & Design Faculty, West University of Timisoara. She has a Master’s degree in contemporary art.

In 2016 -2017  she was awarded the one-year "Nicolae Iorga" scholarship in Venice - the most important fellowship awarded by the Romanian Government in the artistic field.   In 2012-2014  she was awarded the two-year "Vasile Pârvan" scholarship in Rome - a prestigious fellowship awarded by the Romanian Government to artists.

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

Between 2006 and 2012  – she was a curator for the Art Museum of Timisoara, Romania. Since 2014 she is a curator for the Art Museum of Craiova, Romania.

Over the past years, she had 24 personal exhibitions, of which 9 in Italy, 1 in France. In 2010 her work was exhibited at Teatro dei Dioscuri within the Quirinale Palace Assembly – Italy Presidency.  And in the same year, she represented Romania at the Painting Symposium in Luxor – Egypt.

She is a member of the Romanian Artists, Association and I.C.O.M of the International Council of Museums, and Romanian Scholl of Rome. Italian Art has been the center of her interest for the past fourteen years and she states that the encounter with Italian Art has facilitated her development as a mature artist:

“I rediscovered the human body, as the bearer of endless aesthetic potential and an eternal theme of the history of art.  Along with the two-year fellowship in Rome I engaged in a thorough study of the Baroque fresco, ancient fresco — study which also influenced my style of painting.”


2014 – present

Curator 1A st degree - Contemporary Art Collection, Craiova Art Museum, Romania

2006- 2014

Curator 1st degree, National Museum of Art Timisoara, Romania


2008-2011 Faculty of Arts and Design - West University of Timisoara, Bachelor in History and Theory of Art.

Thesis: The Spatial Illusionism of the Roman Baroque Ceilings, Coordinator: Professor Ileana Pintilie

2004-2006 Master of Arts: Sources and Resources of the Image in Contemporary Painting, Faculty of Arts and Design, University West University, Timisoara

Dissertation: The Dream Like a Baroque Window

1991-1997 Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Arts and Design, University West University, Timisoara

Major in Painting, Coordinator: Professor Constantin Flondor

1990 Art High School, "Marin Sorescu" - Craiova


2020 - Together at the Table - Project awarded Second Place in the national competition for the Romanian Pavilion for the 17th Venice International Architecture Biennale, 2020

2016-2017 - Nicolae Iorga Postgraduate Research and Training Fellowship awarded by the Romanian Government, and the  Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research in Venice, Italy.

Project title: Venice - The Poetics of Water

The project combined artistic techniques and theoretical approaches of the Venetian Baroque, and was informed especially by the work of the Venetian artist Giambattista Tiepollo. Coordinator: Professor Luigi Caramiello  University Federico II Naples, Italy

2012- 2014 - Vasile Pârvan postgraduate research fellowship awarded by the Romanian Government, at the Romanian Academy in Rome, Italy.

Project title: The Baroque Fresco - When the Painting Smiles

Coordinator: Professor Ileana Pintilie University of Arts and Design, Timisoara


2014    Romanian School in Rome

2007    I.C.O.M. International Council of Museums

1998    Union of Visual Artists in Romania


2020    Arta Gallery Craiova - Romania

2017    Istituto Romeno di Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica di Venezia - Italy

2016    Istituto Romeno di Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica di Venezia- Italy

2015    “Teatro di Marcello”, an exhibition within Festivale Musicale Delle Nazioni - Notte Romane al Teatro di Marcello” - Rome, Italy

2014    “Accademia di Romania” - Rome, Italy

2013    Street Art in Piazza Farnese and exhibition together with visual artist Marius Burhan, within Electronic –Art Cafe, Pallazzo Camponeschi - Rome, Italy

2010    “Museum Etnografic” Palau – Sardinia, Italy

2010    “Il Denaro” – Naples, Italy– Exhibition under the patronage of the University Federico II of Naples, the Governor of the Campania region, the PLART Foundation, FOIS, Foundation Donne di Naples

2009    “Teatro dei Dioscuri” within Quirinale Palace – Rome, Italy  Presidency - Exhibition under the patronage of the Romanian Embassy in Italy and the City Hall of Rome ; “Carturesti” Bookstore  – Timisoara , Romania

2008    “Helios” Gallery  – Timisoara , Romania; “Carturesti” Bookstore – Timisoara , Romania

2007    “Marani” Gallery  –  Rome, Italy; “Carturesti” Gallery  – Timisoara , Romania

2006    “Helios” Gallery  – Timisoara, Romania, Timisoara City Hall, Romania; “Ion Tiriac” Bank - Timisoara , Romania

2005    National Opera – Timisoara, Romania

2001    “Orhideea” Gallery – Timisoara, Romania

2000    “Arta” Gallery  – Craiova, Romania

1999    “Creuse Artistique” Gallery  – Guéret, France

1998    “Arta” Gallery – Craiova, Romania

1997    “Arta” Gallery  – Craiova, Romania

1994    “Paul Sima” Gallery – Cluj-Napoca, Romania


2019    “Campus Salute”- Naples, Italy

2012    “Oltremare Complex” - Naples, Italy

2011    “Maggio dei Monumenti” – Naples, Italy

2010    “International Luxor Sympozium” – Art symposium, sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture - Luxor, Egypt

2008    Apatin – Serbia; Esztergom – Hungary

2007    Posz , Pecs – Hungary

2006    Lesencetomaj – Hungary

2005    Jupanesti – Romania

1999     Incontro delle Arti – Thevet Saint-Julien – France

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