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Art in Conversation
with Cristina Oprisenescu


Cristina Oprisenescu  graduated  "Nicolae Grigorescu" University of Fine Arts in 1988, tapestry department, and since 1994 she is a member of the Union of Fine Artists in Bucharest. There would be a lot to say about Cristina’s artwork, and she has had a number of impressive exhibition throughout her career.

The artistic universe that she has developed and is still developing remarkably, includes tapestry, graphics, painting, graphic design, easel, installation, etc. experimenting with different techniques and themes, but emotions and feelings vibrate in every spot of color, in every touch, line or shape. She is an excellent ambassador of symbols, a composer of plastic sounds harmoniously transposed into vivid chromatic ranges, perfected by the sincerity of the artist's soul.

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

Between 2011 and 2016, I think I experienced the most in my artistic creation until then, actually practicing that maximum expression of the creative potential, when that unknown, inner self gradually learns to free itself and project itself  in every work, plastic expression and with each experiment.
I experimented a lot, then ... and I invested everything in those experiments, in inventiveness, finding new techniques, materials, styles and new compositions, in a great diversity: from collage to installation, from a pictorial graphic, to a painting with predominantly graphic expressiveness and transposed provocatively on relief supports, for example, and the search fascinates me! 

In painting I had discovered a new style - that of liberating the vision, simply, and I was working a lot, with passion, when, suddenly, I had to interrupt, brutally even, all the works and experiments, all the projects, in 2017 when the very precarious material conditions (an abrupt bankruptcy and the total lack of funds), as well as the loss of the workshop, have interrupted until now that promising road, just started ...
Now, in my new temporary workshop, in Bucharest, I try to maintain that STATE of continuous creativity, to create only mentally those compositions that fill my thoughts and haunt my emotions, uninterruptedly projected from that abysmal interior of the mind.

As a pure concept, accumulating as many projections of inner visions as possible, which I can no longer transpose "physically", on a material support, nor in the games of the imagination with the materials and their suggestions, as in the past ... now it remains just an unseen "opera" ... for lack of money ...
The artist also needs material resources - and unfortunately many such resources, to materialize its imagination, to demonstrate its true measure and to develop.
Otherwise, how would he translate his dreams, projects, inspiration and especially the results of so many experiences accumulated over time?

Cristina Oprisenescu

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