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Art in Conversation with Dana Todor


Outlined, the artistic activity of Daniela Todor is part of the easel painting area. She practices classical techniques - oil or acrylic on canvas and continues with mixed techniques that integrate graphics and templates. It thus creates new depths of space obtained by linear intercalations. In his work are present the paradoxes of modernity: the use of expressionism, raw art, graphic sign, the possibility of getting out of the real-romantic invoice, the dream - all together consolidates the feeling of detachment from the real and emphasizes the idea of continuous dialogue between real and fantasy. Her painting is part of a trend that appeared in Timisoara in the early 2000s, a trend tributary to Dubuffet's influences - brutalism, dreamy romance, new objectivity, the Italian avant-garde, modern Latin America. Welcome references to universal literature complete her artistic creation projects. The connection of literature with the field of plastic arts also has its springs in romanticism, who lets herself be felt in her work.

Univ. Dr. Anamaria Serban, 2021

Critical reference to the exhibition "Neverending story"

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

My artworks are designed to challenge the viewer to get out of the comfort zone. I create unfamiliar, unusual spaces, sometimes difficult to decipher.

I consider that the experiment is an important part of the creation and using it I generate structures and textures that together with the color determine attractive surfaces that manage to arouse curiosity. I populate these newly created spaces with various characters, sometimes atypical, with strong expressions, reflections of my inner universe. I like to build a whole repertoire of figurative elements that I permanently subordinate to colour, this having a very important role in the whole scenography. My plastic images are composed as a permanent dialogue between shape and color.

Thus, I challenge the viewer to begin a journey into a story conceived from real and imaginary elements. My compositions are generally narrative, I use the figurative as an anchor that forces the viewer to remain inside the work, on his own, and thus force him to force the limits of his imagination and to exceed his comfort zone.

I strongly believe that artists have the tools to push through barriers, and I still believe they have a duty to do so.

Dana Todor (b. 1973) 

Faculty of Art and Design, West University of Timisoara,
Painting section
Member of the Union of Visual Artists (UAP) in Romania


2008 - Collective Exhibition Oroshaza, Hungary
2008-2010 - Exhibitions of the I. Tuculescu Cenacle, Bucharest, National Military Circle
2009, Lindow Cultural Associations Fair, Germany
2010 - The Little Vienna Project, Timisoara, within the Faculty of Art and Design Timisoara
2013 - Group 21 launching platform, Delta Arad gallery
2015 - 2018, Annual Art Salons, Delta Arad Gallery
2017 - International Biennial of Art Meeting Point, Arad, Delta Gallery
2018 - Visual Arts at the Centenary, Arad Delta Gallery
2019 - Annual Art Salon, Delta Arad Gallery
2019 - Arad International Biennial of Design, Rome, Italy
2020 - Annual Salon of Visual Art, SAAV, Timisoara


2008 - Personal photography exhibition "Beyond any customs" Arad Museum Complex, Clio hall
2009 - Personal painting and graphics exhibition, "Confort III", Boheme cafe, inside the I Slavici Theater, Arad
2010 - Personal photography exhibition, "68% red", Waterhouse Arad Gallery
2010 - Personal painting exhibition, "Dimorphism", Clio Hall, Arad
2016 - Personal painting exhibition, "Escape Room", within the Group 21 Project, NAG, Alfa Gallery, Arad
March 2021, Personal painting exhibition, “Neverending Story - the story of both worlds”, Alfa Arad Gallery

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