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Art in Conversation with Daniela Florentina Oana


Daniela Florentina Oana's creative activity in the field of paintings is remarkable and promising. Her works, located on the border between figurative and non-figurative, manifesting a strong inclination towards image synthesis, refer to an urban symbolism, with lyrical accents. The image is structured by swinging between traditional and contemporary techniques. The relationship between the human figure and the architectural elements sends the plastic approach towards the evocation of a symbolic space rather than a concrete space. building expressive plastic configurations.

Liliana Jorica Negoescu

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

Motto: "As a gift you took, as a gift to give!"

The belief that guides me in life - I received as a gift, and in turn I try to give. Nicolae Steinhardt says very nicely: "By giving you will gain", and nothing can be more wonderful than to gain your freedom over the matter that crushes the spirit. I dare to believe that I succeeded.

I am an artist who paints from an inner need, in full harmony with it, hence the diversity of themes approached.
My works are situated on the border between figurative and non-figurative, without being able to be framed scholastically in a certain style.
If I were to claim my artistic affinity, I can undoubtedly say that lyrical abstract expressionism represents me, through the diversity of pictorial techniques. In my opinion, art is much more than an aesthetic, creative act; it represents the spiritual food with therapeutic valences, the bridge between the Visible and the Mysterious, the joy of becoming.
If my painting evokes emotion, soul vibration, then my artistic confession will have touched its passage through life.

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