Art in Conversation with Diana Lemnaru

Visual Artist | Romania

Born and raised in Ploiești, a beautiful city near the capital of the country.

I have drawn and painted since childhood and I kept doing it untill I decided that I need to improve myself at a professional lever. Actually it seemed normal to make this decision and easy. When my colegues where wondering what high school will fit them better I knew where it is normal for me to be. I passed the exam and began the High Scool of Art ‘Carmen Sylva’, the high school of art from Ploiești.

It was a complex experience, new people and new ways of expressing my ideas and feelings and it continued with a BA in Graphics and a MA in  Strategies of Creation in Painting. All this time I exhibited and took part in exhibitions and projects in the country and abroad. One of  the most impactfull was winning and mention award on the International Children Painting Competition in Hong Kong, On-stie Painting 2014  , which brought after it a residence in Hong Kong.

Artist Statement

What I create is about what I live. The subject is changing, so does the technique.

I am searching the silence, the love, I allways did. This is a personal description, infused with emotion.

I want to see where the technique and the imagination lead me to.  Studying reality made me feel very good, esspecialy human figure and vegetation.

Expressing ideas and social problems for a while seemed right to do but now I focus on letting my hand flow on an unthinked movement. Abstract is liberating, from shyness and from rules. Trough my art you can see the ilusion of reality combined with the unknown abstract.

The artworks speak about the passing of time, they become the witnesses of the energy that runs through me. Some of them become fantastic lanscaped some are just poetry of color, form and space.

Paintings are made in acrylic colours which sometimes is combined with oil colours or pastels.

When I draw I use a mixed media technique as well. ( pencil, watercolor, ink, carioca)

Now I am experimenting with wood and paper to remake my work support , makeing it more personal.