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Art in Conversation with Dragos Minculescu


”Dragos Minculescu is an artist driven by the anxiety of the authentic creator. He does not want to be a virtuoso but a steadfast one, he does not render the geography of the landscape but the effort, the avatars of the vegetation to succeed ”.

Florin Sutu - plastic artist

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

Each time, in my personal approach in art, I try to come with new arguments. For me, there are no limitations.

I start with a point, a line, a splash, a form…symbiosis between drawn or painted calligraphy. I am searching to gather the wonders of nature in a form, trying to decode it. Sometimes I achieve this, sometimes it is hiding from me.

I consider myself a laboring in painting and graphics, feeling most of the time defeated than a winner in creation. I prefer to see myself as a loser, because only then, my effort flourishes.


"Art, like the triumph of man, is the endless openness to ecstasy attempted only in the building of childhood. It is a gathering of springs, meaning a fluency of symbols stretching from east to sunset and then closing in the night shell like a pearl that will bear fruit in the late after us. Alone, decanting --- springs that put silver and gold into the fabric of chance ---- can give birth to art. Art, without any expense of the soul, has no memory. True art is suggestion. And the suggestion leads to a dream. Art awakens and develops the feeling of miraculous acceptance of some existences above reality and which still incorporates reality. True art exhausts, snatches alive, real time and gives it to illusion: from the crucible of illusions it returns to reality, always full of freshness. The spontaneity shown by this wonderful HUMAN, Dragos Minculescu, in his works is victory."

Adrian Stoica

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