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Art in Conversation with Elena Cerepennicova


Elena Cerepennicova’s textiles reveal a creator who seems to have defined her stylistic option. A dynamic universe in shape and colour. An overflow of poetic fantasy in pinks and browns, greys and purples, blues and blacks. Unique compositions, in which the full and the empty balance, and the coloured matter seems to detach from the wall for which it was designed to create the special impression of dynamism and poetry.

Elena Cerepennicova’s work tries, as the artist confesses, to communicate moods; and she succeeds, in small tapestries in which the colourful material intertwines in delicate shades that create a poetic atmosphere.

Liana Maria Petrutiu

Tapestry Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

I fell in love with art, since childhood, visiting the tapestry exhibition of Geta Visan. Then I realized how versatile textile fiber is and how much I am fascinated by the field I had instantly decided to aim for. Later, after graduating from the Art Institute, I bought my first frame from the same artist who inspired me in choosing the specialty. Not coincidentally, I have woven my dreams on that frame!

Dreams, images absorbed with satiety, imprinted in memory, mentally superimposed then transposed on paper, redrawn in sought-after compositions, deliberately asymmetrical or seemingly symmetrical, with irregular contours, with games of flat and volumetric or full and empty, with vibrating surfaces in different textures, enough to result in a visual celebration.

From the idea sketch to the finished object there are many stages to go through. After the sketch follows the color project, the life-size composition cardboard, with the numbered color areas, the wool dyeing, its debugging, the warping on the vertical frame, the mounting of the cardboard behind the warp, the fabric, then the finishing. All this takes place over many months of work.

The technique of weaving, an eminently feminine craft (few men dare to penetrate its secrets),

I perfected it, completing the works for the first personal exhibition of Tapestry (1995).

This collection (personal exhibition 2004) is inspired by the light from the Cote d'Azur area. The works are bathed in a spectrum of warm colors that suggest either the triumph of light rising from the darkness in the "Sunrise" of the sun or "Night" which lies in the absence of light, in that beneficial alternation dynamic-static, day-night, through dominance closed. Then the awakening to life under the caress of the warm light of "Spring" with increasing energy. The ruins of the "Fortress" on the hill overlooking Nice, can be seen at night, discreetly surrounded by city lights, and the "Temple" is a tribute to the sun. The leitmotif is also present in the apparent diptych "From Above" & "Fields", in which the plotted fields, meshes of lakes, rivers, cities, villages, and scattered buildings appear suggested. "Windows" invites us to light, warmth, hope in the houses, and "Steps" them ... they replace the wings through which we reach our ideals. From time to time, we descend with our feet on ...... the sand  - "Quicksand" - warm, ephemeral, sometimes shattered by nervous storms or the wind blowing under the shy or torrid sun.

Elena Cerepennicova, whose option for creative classicism, is obvious, shows special respect for the altitudes at which classical creation traditional is recorded in the universe of the tapestry.

Materials (fibres of wool, cotton, newer and colourful textiles) working techniques (manual weaving in looms, "choices", ornaments, etc.) the spirit and artist’s creation belong to classicism-traditionalism, in the noblest meanings of the two words deeply like characterizing.

Vision, shapes (surfaces intentionally asymmetrical or skillfully articulated in triptychs, symbols, motifs, the power of suggestion, construction of wholes, colour, inspired bends the balance towards modernism. Towards a balanced modernism that makes "good house" with the imposed elements through tradition and selection.

Augustin Macarie

Born on the 15th of March 1963 in Moscow-Russia.


1981- Graduate Fine Arts. High School “N. Tonitza”, Bucharest

1985 - Graduate of “The University of Fine Arts “ N. Grigorescu”, Decorative Arts- Tapestry section, Bucharest.


1990 - Member of Romanian Fine Artists Union

1985- 3-rd Prize on Student Exhibition of Fine Arts, Brasov

1995 - Youth Prize, Romanian Fine Artists Union


1995 - Tapestry, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

1997 - Tapestry, Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest

2004 - Tapestry, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

2005 - Tapestry, "Le Club", Bucharest

2006 - Tapestry & Paintings, Financial Plazza Gallery, Bucharest

2008 - Tapestry, TC Gallery, Hanul cu Tei, Bucharest

2011 - Tapestry & Paintings, IRECSON Gallery, Bucharest


1985 - 2021 - Numerous exhibitions in Romania (Bucharest, Brasov, Bacau, Suceava)

1989 - Fourth Annual International Exhibition and Fair of Miniature Art, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto-Canada.

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