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Art in Conversation with Elena Dragulelei Dumitru


,,Elena Dragulelei Dumitru touches the unseen in her art work with the grace of a conductor who guides his orchestra to deepand original interpretations. The artist harmonises the chromatic sounds in a lyrical discourse with dramatic accents. A composition dominated by surfaces, lines of force and delicate traces reveals a non-verbal message loaded with harmony. The pictorial gesture becomes a writing thatamplifies a certain emotional state that the artist wants us to share along with her.

Elena Dragulelei Dumitru‘s works are reflections of a sensitive ego that explores the worlds we go through."

Marilena Preda Sânc

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

... to be an artist means soul and dedication. To give yourself unconditionally, with your thoughts, feelings, impressions andespecially with your dreams. A white surface is full of unsuspected feelings that you bring to the surface with thirst, love and why not with courage. The feelings are there ... you know it and it takes a lot of work and pasion to bring them to life on canvas.

Sometimes they stubbornly stays there, provocatively, teasing, until you find yourself ... or lose yourself.

The feeling is that a new dimension of complete freedom has been added to the Universe. The hidden things becomes certainty.

Elena Dragulelei Dumitru


1983 - Graduated the National University of Arts, Department of Graphics, Nicolae Grigorescu, class of professor Johann Untch, Bucharest.

Member of the Artists Union of Romania since 1993


2016 - Mysticism & Reality International Exhibition_Razgrad Art Gallery, Bulgaria 2016 - OSTEN Biennial ofDrawing, Skopje, North Macedonia

2017 - International Festival ''Abstracts Without Borders", Moscow

2017 - The Foreign Artist Award at the Ludogorie International Exhibition, Razgrad, Bulgaria 2017 - 2nd INTERNATIONALFESTIVAL ''Abstraction without Borders", Moscow

2017 - ,,Atelier an der Donau" Symposium, Ybbs, Austria 2017 - Romanian Graphics,Caminul Artei Gallery ,Bucharest

2017 - Retrospective exhibition EUROPEAN BRIDGES 2004-2017, Bucharest 2017 - BUCHAREST PICTUREBUILDING, Caminul Artei Gallery I Bucharest 2018 - 3rd INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL "Abstractionwithout Borders", Moscow 2018 - NEUTRAL-ISM-Nereto, Italia

2018 - Rowaq Al - Balka Gallery, Fuheis, Jordan

2018 - Symposium and exhibition in Razgrad, Bulgaria

2018 - Selected artist OSTEN BIENNIAL of DRAWING ,Skopje, North Macedonia 2018 - National PaintingSalon, Romania

2018 - Exhibition hall ,,LohmART" in Lohmar, Germany

2018 - Personal exhibition, ,,EM ART GALLERY" ,Deva, Romania

2019 - Artists from the Francophone Countries from the OSTEN Collection Exhibition 2019 - Exhibition "ContemporaryWomen Art", Palace of Culture, Iasi, Romania

2019 - Exhibition I performance between the "Prof Ilia Petrov" University of Razgrad and the "Dechko Stoev" GHGPomorie, Bulgaria

2019 - Group exhibition,, United Artists for United Europe", Stara Zagara City Hall, Bulgaria 2019 - Group exhibition,National Exhibition Ludogorie, Razgrad, Bulgaria

2019 - Group exhibition (87 artist of "Neutral Ism movement'') Italy 2019 - Romanian Graphics,Caminul Artei, Bucharest

2020 - Contemporary Women 'Art , Caminul Artei, Bucharest 2020 - Group ExhibitionEM Art Gallery, Deva, Romania

2021 - ,,Future is now" virtual exhibition, curator Laszlo Ladany, Hungary 2021 - Group exhibition,National Exhibition Ludogorie, Razgrad, Bulgaria

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