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Art in Conversation
with Ioana Nestorescu-Balcesti


The SYMBOLISM found in the art of Ioana Nestorescu-Balcesti is seeking to decipher the very purpose of existence.

Her artworks are constantly seeking the truth. Carefully chosen colours and strong lines but with the sensitivity of an artist who knows the esoteric part of human nature, creates a world that needs to be patiently described.

Ioana's paintings are like books, which you read and immediately want to have in your personal library. By reading them you will always be revealed new perspectives.

Maxim Corciova, visual artist

Visual Artist | United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Painting is silent poetry

As a child, I would have liked to have become an archaeologist. I hoped to find the cities of ancient civilizations, the remains of long-lost architectural masterpieces, fragments of life that no one knew anything about. And just as I spent my entire childhood in a museum, I was shared by the essences of the past, by the stories behind the exhibits, by the palette of shades of some faces and static forms but in constant change. Along the way, however, I realized that as time goes on, the colours change. Some become wiser, others on the contrary, more adventurous. These changes, which make up the evolution of colours, fascinated me and made me want to be able to penetrate the alchemy of chromatic transformations. For this, I needed to set certain colour hypostases to analyze them later. And without realizing it, from my play as a researcher, I came to model the colours, to look for their malleability, to try to reconcile them with time, between them or on the contrary, to argue them to provoke storms and irreversible processes. I had become a grey eminence in the life of twilight shades. Since then I have continued to do this, understanding along the way that beyond colours, words were the ones that gave birth to the processes on the basis of which colours came to life. I assumed poetry as a prerogative in the hope that in this way I would be able to penetrate the psychology of the evolutionary processes of chromatics.

My works do not seek to amaze the viewer. They invite the one who is prepared for a journey of time. For me, colours are distinct life forms, complex characters whose genealogy will race you if you do not know it. White is the mother of these characters and black is a haunted father who denies his existence for the sake of protecting his offspring. And between these two parental barriers, between black and white, there is the saga of descending colours, whose subtle chronicler I was entrusted to be.


2011 - "Highlights", Students Cultural House, Bucharest, Romania

2011 - "Eugene Ionesco, Eugen Ionescu" - sketches, models, happening (group exhibition), Exhibition Palace - Veletržní Palace, Prague, Czech Republic.

2011 - "The Birds",  Visual Arts Center, Bucharest, Romania

2012 - "Art & Poetry", Romanian Youth Cultural Center, Bucharest, Romania

2012 - "Art Intersection I", (group exhibition) Visual Arts Center, Bucharest, Romania

2012 - "Artists Spring", (group exhibition) Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

2013 - "Symbolom - installation - object",  Romanian Youth Cultural Center, Bucharest

2013 - "Art Intersection II", (group exhibition) Visual Arts Center, Bucharest, Romania

2013 - "Art Brussels 2013", (group exhibition) Brussels, Belgium

2014 - Installation Exhibition (painting and poetry) "Windows", Romanian House of Scientists, Bucharest

2015 - "Collective Voices" Institute for the Advancement of Contemporary Visual Culture, Athens, Greece

2015 - Graphic arts exhibition - "Seven ink pots", Romanian House of Scientists, Bucharest

2015 - Graphic arts exhibition, Belgrade, "Singidunum'' Gallery

2016 - “Terrorism, migration, violence, alienation” within the International Conference “Female Freemasonry face to face with the current challenges Terrorism, migration, violence, alienation”, Ibis Hotel, Bucharest

2017 - "Alchemy", Galeria Romana, Bucharest, Romania

2018 - "Circles of Identity", Galeria Romana, Bucharest, Romania

2018 - "Art and design" Exhibition (group exhibition), University of East London, UK

2019 - "Circles of Identity", The East London Hub, London, UK

2020 - "Pandemic Art", Tehnoarte, online exhibition

2021 - "Vortex", Copeland Gallery, London, UK


1995 - 2016 - Participation in creative camps, workshops  and volunteering in various cultural projects

2008-2011 - Co-founder “Green Fair” project in collaboration with Luni @ Green Hours Theater, Romania

2008-2013 - Co-founder and manager of ZaZaStudioDesign, Romania

2013 - 2017 - Senior graphic designer, Tekart, Romania

2017 - present - Freelancing - graphic and digital media design

2021 - Co-founder and Art Director, Art in Conversation Gallery, London, UK

2021 - Founder This is - graphic design studio, London, UK


2011 - Special award at the "Fine Arts Contest Art as a means of communication - In the footsteps of Joan Miro" organized by the Romanian National Post Company S.A., under the High Patronage of the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, National Philatelic Museum, Bucharest, Romania

2006 - First Prize, National Poetry Festival “Costache Conachi”, 14th edition, Tecuci, Romania

2006 - Award of the Magazine “Convorbiri Literare” Iasi, within the same festival, Tecuci, Romania

2006 - Writers' Society Award “C. Negri ”Galati, within the same festival, Tecuci, Romania

2006 - Arhip Art Sibiu Publishing House Award, within the same festival, Tecuci, Romania

2006 - First Prize, 9th Edition of the National Contest for Literary Creation organized by the “Pavel Dan” Cenacle, Timisoara

2005 - Special Mention for the English Essay "The Different Concepts of Liberalism" Olive W. Garvey Fellowship Competition, The Independent Institute, California

2004 - Special prize at the “Poetry XXII” National Poetry Festival Festival, 3rd Edition, and the publication in the volume “Escape from oneself” (anthology of the festival, made by V. Munteanu) Cancicov Cultural Foundation Publishing House, Bacau, Romania

2003 - First Prize - The “Spring” Festival organized by the Ministry of Education and Research

2000 - Second Prize - Poetry Competition organized within a cultural project of the Library “I. L. Caragiale ”, Bucharest

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