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Art in Conversation with Iris Bianca Teodorescu


A disciple of the master Vasile Grigore, Iris Bianca Teodorescu appropriated from him his love for color, for the free gesture of unfolding in the space of the canvas, but the artist moved away from her teacher through a different, original reception regarding chromatics and compositional space. The dynamics of her painting, the turbulence and the tense touches, which involve an experience and give it visibility, both in the area of ​​abstract expressionism and in the direction of drawing, speak of figurative reminiscences in style, place where appropriate in large masses of color, recalling the preciousness of medieval brocades.

Ana Amelia Dinca

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

My painting is the result of a painter's approach for which art is not just a profession, but a way of being, the course being materialized in a number of personal exhibitions and abroad. Rigorous academic training, studies with masters of Romanian art, continued with a scholarship in Venice, then a specialization at the Brussels Academy of Art, helped me to express my feelings through your strong, well-defined contrasts, colour being the key factor in my paintings. I took from modern painting everything that can define me as an unmistakable artist. From distorted forms of expressionism to transitions to abstract art but also starting from figurative elements, we have reached artistic maturity through a daily effort that leads to the good definition of our own style. Gesture with abstract, figurative that is available extracts from primordial elements so also with the confluence of abstracts, this personal syncretism helps me to express the style itself, and the unseen world of my inner and unique world becomes recognizable and you strongly mark the tension of feelings and atmosphere, the vision of paradisiacal landscapes merging with anthropomorphic elements.

Iris Bianca Teodorescu

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