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Art in Conversation with Iulia Paun


Iulia Paun it is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. Iulia began painting in 2012 as a hobby and at the beginning of 2020 she decided to renounced her professional carrier and follow her passion, painting! Since then she is a full time artist and continues to experiment, learn and grow, painting every day.  Her paintings are all one of a kind, 100% original hand painted and created with great care, personally signed. She uses high quality acrylic paints and different mediums on professional stretched or unscratched canvas, on thick, acid free high quality paper, wood panels and cardboard panels.

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

For me, painting is all about passion, experiment and enjoy! I love creating abstract paintings, modern landscapes, pop art and other modern decorative wall artwork. I usually paint intuitively and spontaneously, using expressive mark making, often with collage elements that adds dimension and texture to the surface. I like layering, applying layers and layers of paint and different mediums to give the painting dimension and depth! And by doing this, your eyes discover so many different marks and shapes, some of them barely seen because they are in the layers behind! And the beauty is that you will find new things every time you look at the painting.

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