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Art in Conversation
with Linda Saskia Menczel


Linda Saskia Menczel's plastic approach evokes in a unique and complex way the inner, mysterious nature of the form captured as an instance of becoming.
Through the prerogative of sculpture, of volumes, the author probes unequivocally, step by step, step by step, the fragile border that subtly connects the invisible metaphysical space-time, seen as an ancestral matrix ab ovo in the key of the unmanifested logos, coagulated in the substance of concrete material.
Thus the celestial language becomes for the author the main guideline, masterfully reflected in the body and flesh of each of the sculptures, we thus witness, without a doubt, a deep cognitive path anchored in the obscure language of the incarnation, , from the mysterious, luminous sap of the sefirot tree as a true axis mundi.

Gabriel Kelemen, Art critic, 2020

Sculptor | Romania

Artist Statement

It is said that it all began with a word, a sound, that the world was created from the Divine sonority. From the ephemeral music of the spheres, through condensation, matter was born, a palpable shadow of the Divine archipelago. Sculpture is the embodiment of incarnations, ideas and feelings go through the inner alchemy of the sculptor to become form, volume, relatives closer to man than two-dimensional arts. The bronze, molten metal, and again solid, will take the final form - the will of the sculptor, through a long, almost initiatory journey, which begins with a thought, will pass through clay and plaster, furnace and crucible, sanding and skating, to become a sculpture. It, the sculpture, if it is beautiful, through the rhythm of the form, will in turn become a delicate symphony that Man can hear in himself, and he is the work of the Great Sculptor.

Linda-Saskia Menczel, 2016

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