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Art in Conversation
with Luciana Toma


I was born in Pitesti in 1976, I graduated from the Dinu Lipatti Art High School, professor Ion Pantilie's class, which taught me to love color and to realize what it means for everyone's soul. I graduated from the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design at the University of Art in Bucharest, specializing in Mural Art, professor Ion Stendl's class deepening drawing and learning wall techniques.

Over the years I have been involved in many projects: mural painting at the Pro Aesthetic Clinic, BPP Headquarters and private houses; interior design at Tody Company, Ina medical and private homes;

I have collaborated with several magazines and newspapers with articles about painting, glass and interior design.

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

I have set up an art workshop for children and adults that have been operating for 20 years with numerous awards obtained at national and international competitions, with admissions to prestigious faculties and participation in many exhibitions.

I have organized and participated in over 45 art exhibitions, my works of painting, mural painting, glass objects, ceramics or painted textiles can be found in private collections in the USA, Great Britain, France, New Zealand, Venezuela, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, etc.

The last exhibition I participated in with 16 works just ended on April 2. A series of works with feelings, emotions, love, disappointments, sadness… a search for self!

I really like to travel, to meet people from different places with their customs and art. To take photos, to capture details or attitudes that I then introduce in my art. During these trips, I was marked by Portuguese and Islamic pottery and I had a series of works that find all the geometry and color in these areas.

Another theme that I have studied for many years and that comes back from time to time is the portrait and the study of flowers.

Depending on what I see, what I feel, what I resonate with, I am preparing my next project. The color and the line marked my whole life. over the years I transposed what I felt, joy or sadness using their pathos on various media

Colors and lines - obsessions and passions; introspection, communication with the universe, all came out of my soul in thousands of shades.


2012 - Founding member YA&EA, Romanian artist from all over the world

2003 - Member UAP, Bucharest, Romania

1997 - Member Young & Arts, Bucharest, Romania

1995-to date Founder and Coordinator of the Art Workshop by Luciana

2000 - University of Art, Bucharest, Faculty of Decorative Arts, Bachelor of Monumental Art

1998 - Scholarship Nicolae Iorga Culture Center, Venice Romanian Cultural Center, Rome, Italy

1994 - “Dinu Lipatti” Art High School, Pitesti, Arges


2021 -"Intro"  Calderon Art Gallery, Bucharest / Romania

2020 -"The Art of the Romanian Soul" Madrid / Spain

2020 - Be ** pART Exhibition, Montez, Rome / Italy

2020 - West Meets East International Exhibition - A Cultural Book Exchange / Romania

2020 - Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition - Marktrodach/ Germania

2020 - Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition - Hunedoara / Cluj / Alba Iulia/ Deva/Romania

2020 - The 5th Edition EIBAB Biennale Book , Carei, Romania

2018-2019  - The Romanian Christmas Ball, Charitable Event, London, UK

2019 - Charitable Event “Breathe through color ", Comedy Theater, Romania

2018 - "Senses" Calderon Art Gallery, Bucharest

2018 - London Loop, London / UK

2015-16-17 - Carol 53, Bucharest, Romania

2015 - Charitable Event, Colectiv, Romania

2015 - Charitable Event “Breathe through color ",Polisano Clinique,Bucharest

2014  - UCIN Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2014 - After 20 years, Metopa Gallery, Pitesti, Romania

2014 - Inima,  Palas Mall, Iasi, Romania

2013-12 - BPP, Bucharest, Romania

2013 - “Bucuria vietii “Tête-à-Tête Bucharest, Romania

2012  - Charitable Event , Braseria Doncafe Bucharest, Romania

2011 - Sun Plaza, Bucharest, Romania

2010 - Comedy Theater, Bucharest, Romania

2010 - Charitable Ball, Ghica Palace, Bucharest, Romania

2009 - Bulandra Theater, Izvor, Bucharest, Romania

2008-2007 - Ateneu , Bucharest, Romania

2008 - Royal Palace, Event Young&Arts , Arad, Romania

2008 - Enescu Museum , Event Y&A, Bucharest, Romania

2007 - Ateneu, Event Young & Art, Bucharest, Romania

2005 - University Library, Bucharest, Romania

2002-2003 - Art Gallery-World Trade Plaza”,Bucharest, Romania

2001 - “Accente”, Caminul arte, Bucharest, Romania

2000 - Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, Romania

2000 - Dissertation Exhibition –Art Univeristy, Bucharest, Romania

1998 - Travel impressions –Eforie Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

1998 - “Prospectiune” – House of Books Gallery, Pitesti, Romania

1996 - Bancorex Bank, Suceava, Romania

1994 - Graduation Exhibition of Dinu Lipatti Art High School, Pitesti, Romania

1994-1998 - Metopa, Gallery, Pitesti, Romania

1992 - Art Museum, Pitesti, Romania

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