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Art in Conversation with Luminita Lupuca


As a preoccupation, Luminita Lupuca's (Afloarei) works are situated on the border between abstract and figurative, betraying special plastic valences through the variety of mixed artistic techniques approached. Also, there is the interest for experimenting with new plastic structures, through which Luminita problematizes both social and personal aspects, betraying a certain concern for self-knowledge.

Art critic, PhD, curator Maria Bilasevschi

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

Luminita Lupuca Afloarei (b. 1986, Constanta) 

Specialized studies: 2016-2021 “George Enescu” National University of Arts Iasi, specialization Painting, Bachelor and Master.

About Anodyne artworks

Anodyne was a medicine used to relieve pain by reducing the sensitivity of the brain or nervous system. The term was common in medicine before the twentieth century, but today such drugs are known as analgesics or sedatives.
The artwork "Anodyne" is a metaphorical x-ray of what happens in our brain when we are under the influence of painkillers.
We infused the paint environment with gestures and unconventional materials, thus creating the tension between beauty and terror, along with the relationship between history and medicine that achieves cultural memory.
This work is a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and is part of a series of works called "no / WITH / no MEMORIES".

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