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Art in Conversation
with Magda Urse


Born in Bucharest in 1977, coming from a family of artists, Magda Urse started painting at the age of six. She attended painting classes at the Nicolae Tonitza High School of Fine Arts, and later at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, where she graduated as a painter-restorer at the Faculty of Art History and Theory. She works in parallel in her own workshop, restoration, and painting. She restored with prestigious Romanian artists on monuments such as the Voronet Monastery, the Metropolitan Church of Iasi, the Church of the Hill in Sighisoara, etc.
In painting, she approaches different themes such as landscape, portrait, nude or static nature. She is passionate about oil painting which gives her endless possibilities of expression.
She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, both in Romania and abroad in Spain, Austria, Germany, France.

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

I was born and raised surrounded by art and artists. I have always liked to dream and to display my moods and emotions in one way or another. I am an emotional person and sensitive to everything around me, slightly introverted, but in my workshop, all obstacles or fears disappear. I chose to paint from the age of 6, guided by my family. I have studied and worked for hours, days, years and I am aware that we have to learn continuously, indefinitely. Situations change as you learn, as you gain experience, and then you learn again based on or as a background new foundations, new experiences. So it is in life, so it is in art, in painting. Everything can be old or new, depending on the angle or perspective from which you look at things.

I attended the art school N. Tonitza in Bucharest, where I studied painting, and then I attended the University of Arts in Bucharest. I wanted to know more, I wanted a job and I chose the Preservation and Restoration section of the Artwork. I found out that a work of art cannot last in time and cannot transmit the whole arsenal of information and feelings, of emotions unless its constituent physical structure allows it. I worked, I restored and brought back to life thousands of works, some forgotten, in which time left its mark as it knew best, sick, damaged to the essence ... I knew that my works will always be carefully executed for not to get lost structurally over time. From my point of view, this is the respect you give to yourself as a painter, the communication you give to the passion you love.
I consider myself rich and I thank God that he put in my soul this boundless love for painting, for color. Colors are a song for my soul, and the fact that I can maneuver them physically, that I can combine them, that I can give them the ability to live and transmit feelings or emotional states, is the very meaning. I follow the light and try to render it through countless warm or cold tones, complementary tones, grays or flat or vibrant colors, pure, sharp, or gentle colors ... and so everything takes shape, space, and spatiality are created, synthesized, or is detailed. Colored spots take shape, live, move and remain eternal.
With love, I lay down my ideas, with emotion, with hope, but also the certainty that someone will find answers to questions that may exist, just by looking at a picture of mine. I choose various topics, trying to discover new paths, multiple paths, experimenting. Thank you always for this path that has opened up for me, for the opportunities that appear, for the people around me, people who inspire me and who in turn love what I do, creating in my soul, constantly, the power and fulfillment of dreams that sometimes do not I don't know that I dreamed of them anymore.

MAGDA URSE (b. 1977, Bucharest) 


1996-2001 University of Art, Conservation-Restauration, Bucharest


1996-2021Restauration private collection, Bucharest

1997 Restauration, wood church Surdesti, Maramures

1997-1999 Restauration, Deal Church (a fresco), Sighisoara

1998 Restauration, Greak Church, Bucharest

2000 Restauration, Stavropoleus Church, furniture, Bucharest

2000 Restauration, Calinesti Caieni,wood church, Maramures

2001  Restauration, Voronet Monastery,iconostas, Gura Humorului


1993  Icons Exhibition, the lobby of the Romanian Radio House, Bucharest

1994/96  Exhibition Art Contest (painting), Cluj, Constanta, Iasi

1995 Personal Exhibition, Icons, Union Center, Bucharest

2001 Exhibition TIAV,4th edition, National Theater, Bucharest

2002 Exhibition TIAV, 5th edition, National Theater, Bucharest

2003 Personal Exhibition, painting, ”Symbols”, Piropo Gallery, Bilbao, Spain

2006 Group Exhibition, painting, Graz, Austria

2016 Elite Profe Art Gallery, group exhibition, Bucharest

2017  Elite Profe Art Gallery, group exhibition, Hilton Hotel, Bucharest

2017  Elite Prof Art Gallery, group exhibition, WTC Hotel, Bucharest

2018  Personal Exhibition, ”Vibratii”, Codrins Gallery, Bucharest

2019  Elite Art Gallery, group exhibition, Bucharest

2019  Group exhibition, ”Ephemere”, Paris, France

2019  Group exhibition, Codrins Gallery, Bucharest

2020  Group exhibition,”Armonia artelor”, Victoria Hub, Bucharest

2020  Group Exhibition, ”L art  Contemporain Roumain”, Paris, France

2020  Group exhibition, ”Vibratii cromatice”, live performance, Victoria Hub, Bucharest

2021  Group exhibition, „Povesti de iarna”, Barrio, Bucahrest.

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