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Art in Conversation with Manuell Manastireanu


Manuell Manastireanu (born December 5, 1973, Botosani) is a visual artist, graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Decorative and Design Iasi, class of Prof. Dan Hatmanu, painting department (1999). Member of the Union of Visual Artists since 2001, Iasi branch, the artist has participated, since 1997, in personal exhibitions (11 in number), and group exhibitions (20 in number) in the country and abroad. Active in creative camps since 2003, in 2010 he won the award of the Publishing House "Geea" - "Silver Lime" in Botosani, and in 2014 he won the award "Painter of the City of Iasi", awarded by the City of Iasi.

He exhibited in 2014 at the Palace of the Parliament Constantin Brancuși Hall in Bucharest, the personal exhibition "Lumina Tacerii".

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

The people in my paintings have no rank, no status. No matter who the characters are, they are living people, they are silent cries in a world of indifference, beings who seek light by descending into the abyss of being. The broken mirrors inside us, this is the key to the characters I imagined. -- Manuell Manastireanu

Much of his work is in private collections in the U.S.A.; Canada; Netherlands; Belgium; Germany. 

Exhibits in Berlin at the collective exhibition in Langmayer, Germany - "At the Gare de l'Art in 2016. On December 1, 2018 receives on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Great Union, the Diploma of Excellence Centenary of the Great Union (1918 -2018), from the City Hall of Iasi.

In May, 2018 brings for the first time on the simes of the Belgian-Romanian House of Culture in Brussels, the exhibition project Mirrors of Silence, a project dedicated to the Centenary of the First World War of the Kingdom of Romania, continuing in November 2018 at the Palace of Culture in Iasi. 

In November 2019, at the invitation of the Timisoara writer Robert Serban, the exhibition took place at the Calpe Gallery in Timisoara, and in January at the Elite Art Gllery in Bucharest.

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