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Art in Conversation
with Maria JARDA


The colors are what allow him to give a concrete shape to his admiration for the main theme: Nature. And for MARIA JARDA, color is life, it is strength, it is a message, in itself. Feelings are the basis of creation, they are responsible for the way the artist relates to subjects when painting. Feelings or FEELING, generically speaking, emerge from each of his works - the one put on the canvas, with pathos, and the one felt by the viewer, in front of the work. Feeling is the vector through which the painter's condition reaches the eye and the soul of the beholder. Nature is a constant of his artistic activity, whether it is the forest, with its trees that connect the earth to the sky, in an ascent that takes us to the heights, through the way it filters the light to induce states. of contemplation.

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

Flower compositions are an opportunity to gather, in bundles, states of bliss, the outpouring of the feeling of beauty. Having a predilection for flower vases, we find in his works chromatic and compositional correspondences with works of the great names of Romanian art, bringing us, once again, close to the classics. Marines are also another way of rendering, on canvas, the interiority of the artist, his sensitivity to see on a shore, profiled on a sunset bathed in color, a state of warmth and trembling, equally. Its sea, calm as play, reaches the shore, to rest, after a long and hectic adventure, at sea. The sunset - the end of the day and the journey, is a silent witness to reaching the final destination. It is the color that, passing through the feeling, gives a sensitive representation of the nature of Maria Jarda, in all its splendor. "

Mimi Necula, journalist


2011-2014 - National University of Arts, Bucharest, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting department, class of professors Horea Pastina and Mihai Sârbulescu.

2014-2016 – Masters in Fine Arts at the National University of Arts Bucharest , Paintings Department, professor class Assoc.  Dr. Horea Pastina.

Member of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania since 2018


2021 - Milan Art Gallery, Milan

2020 - Museum of Bucharest, Sutu Palace

2019 - "Landscapes" at the "Ion Ionescu-Quintus" Museum in Ploiesti 2018 - "Landscapes" at the Romanian Athenaeum Bucharest

2015 - "Luxury cars" at the Romanian Auto Show in Bucharest




"PAICE AGAIN" Haegeumgang Museum, South Korea

"Art in quarantine", - Giorgio Mondatori, Milan

"Art Festival" in Sanremo

Cultural Center "Mihai Eminescu" Bucharest

Ravenna, Florence, Venice "Divine Comedy - Dante" (700 years since Dante's death)


Spoleto Arte Oras UNESCO

„Margarita Hack Exhibition, Milan Art Gallery

"Pro Bienale", - Ivanichih Palace, Venice

"Carnival of Venice" - Zenobio Palace

PHARMA- Art Gallery

Material Sax Art Gallery


Romanian Gallery

“100 women in cinema” - Zenobio Palace

“Books & Arts” at Cantacuzino Castle Busteni

"Fabrica del Vapore", Cultural Center of Milan

Venice Biennale - Zenobio Palace

"Women Power in Art" at Cantacuzino Castle Busteni


“Ion Andreescu” Biennial, Buzau

"Visions" at the Mogosoaia Palace

"Seasons" at the Prahova County Art Museum "Ion Ionescu Quintus" Ploiesti


"Plastic visions" at the Cultural Center "Mihai Eminescu" Bucharest

"Landscapes from Prahova" at Casino Sinaia

"Houses and flowers" at the County Museum of Art, Prahova "Ion Ionescu Quintus" Ploiesti

"Subjective Flowers" at the Cultural Center for Unesco Bucharest

“Salons from Moldova”, Bacau


"The Gift of St. Niculae" at the Top Art Galleries, Book House

"Signatory meetings" at the Cultural Center for Unesco Bucharest

"Navy in Romanian painting from private collections" at the National Museum Cotroceni Palace


„Foundations” at the Palace of the Parliament, Brâncusi Hall Bucharest


"Violet" at Elite Prof Art Bucharest


"Contemporary Attitudes" at the Museum of Old Books and Maps Bucharest

"Symphony of colors" at Elite Prof Art Bucharest



Award Belle Arte la Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma

"Award for fine arts", Piram-Rome hotel


Second Prize at the "Margarita Hack Exhibition", Milan Art Gallery

Jaco Polo Award at "Pro Bienale", Ivanichih Palace, Venice


3rd Prize, “Dunarea de Jos” Cultural Center, Galati, at the exhibition “City of Memories”

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