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Art in Conversation
with Mariana Frum


Mariana Frum, a painter from Transylvania, a graduate of technical studies, who, in recent years, has worked as a secretary, began her artistic career with clothing creations inspired by the village life that the artist lived with her grandparents.

Later, her visions were translated into canvases and from there it was only a step until painting made its place daily in her activities.

For Mariana, art and the artistic act represent a dressing of the soul.

Cluj Art Gallery

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

I was born in Sibiu, the wonderful city in the heart of the country. My childhood in the country made me a sensitive child due to the interaction with nature, which I was fascinated by. I think I was 4 years old, when I was modeling the clay found at the foot of a hill near my grandparents' house. Then I rediscovered it when I was older, together with jewelry crafting, and yes, PAINTING, which marked my life for good. Possessing of some native qualities, which I also cultivated through spiritual technique courses, I allowed myself to give the paintings an energetic load, beneficial to serve the vibrational lifting of the rooms.


2018  - Solo Exhibition,  Astra Library – Sibiu

2021 (Date TBC until December 2021) - The Magic of Color Personal Exhibition, Council Tower - Sibiu, Romania.


2020 – Autumn Artist's Salon, Cluj Art Gallery

2020 – Contemporary Art, Hotel Hilton, Elite Prof Art  Gallery

2020 – Hotel Crow Plaza, Elite Prof Art Gallery

2020 - Transformation, Paque Bistro, Bucuresti, Curator Titrea Adina Moldova

2020 – International Rafaello & Canova, Venetia, Italy, Russo, Curator Francesco Severio

2021 –  Madrid,  Eka & Monn Gallery, Art Today Exhibition


2020 - International Award, Raffaello&Canova-Venetia

2021 - 3rd Prize "Elegance of love" Competition, organized by the Magazine of Romanians Everywhere, literature, art and culture, from Montreal

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