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Art in Conversation with Marinela Simiras


Marinela Simiras proves a special talent in creating plastic structures of a remarkable expressiveness. Marinela crystallized the artistic ideal that currently follows her well-defined style, in accordance with her strong personality. Demonstrating a passion and a work force completely out of the ordinary, the artist does not surprise by approaching always different themes, creating complex compositions of a great artistic outfit.

Ioan Tudor, UAP Romania

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

Motto: ” Art for me is a path and a creed! Art it's my way!”

Art for me is a way and a faith! A simple but intense way to communicate through color, expression, vibration and emotion! The creative act is a fierce battle between the artist's imagination and the white canvas in front of him. Feelings, anxiety and emotions are what give life to the artist's creative ideas! It is a sweet and bitter struggle at the same time, but invigorating in the end!

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