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Art in Conversation with Marius Enache


The emotion Marius Enache transmits through the images captured by the photo lens, the way in which a banal thing becomes a symbol of a feeling or mood proves his talent. The real turned into the fantastic, the banal become the main character in the context of an arrangement or simply a corner of nature, make his photographs the pretext for the viewer to go everyday. Being an art student, he combines photographic art with painting, which helps him in making wonderful photographs.
In a continuous search, Marius approaches topics such as nature, architecture and experiments with each element that nature offers. I believe that this type of promotion would propel him into a successful artistic career in the field of photography.

Florin Bejinari

Photographer | Romania

Artist Statement

Art, in addition to its therapeutic effect, can also trigger states of conflict, meant to awaken our consciousness and make us act. Architecture and nature are two of the main topics I address in my photographs, being fascinated by the contrast between this type of unstable architecture, which is the result of human creation and the prosperity of nature. The urban spaces I capture become spaces of our escapes from the tumultuous, everyday life. In today's society, characterized by the illusion of perfection, urban ruins become metaphors of memory, rejection, loneliness, while suggesting the possibility of transformation, to thrive in a hostile space.

The antagonism between nature and urbanism generates a permanent conflict between continuity and containment. This creates a kind of dissonant and bizarre associations, of hybrid forms, which are part of either the natural or artificial universe. By transfiguring contemporary urban architecture, I seek a decoding and reinterpretation of space, intending to emphasize the idea that ruins are metaphors of the cyclicity of life. In terms of nature, this is a decisive factor in the transformation of a space, proving that the plant world will persist despite all the utopian promises of today's society.

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