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Art in Conversation with Maxim Corciova


Archetypes have content determined from the moment they are nourished with the matter of the conscious experience. Maxim Corciova works are shaped statements defined by the type of relation that can be born after the revealed archetype. His creation have austere titles, names engraved in the memory of culture and civilization from ancient times. By mediation of the connoisseur artist, we assist at a ritual of his own thinking metamorphosis in relation to water, fire, metal and wood. The answer to the eternal challenge of these primary elements contains messages-works about ability-imagination-engagement, about tradition-faith-discernment and especially about mastery of fantasy happily combined with the sense of being initiate.

Prof.Dr. Sabina Ivascu | Bucharest

Visual Artist | Germany

Artist Statement

Maxim Corciova’s shapes, backed by apparently friendly materials (and why would wood and bronze be friendly?) are, at least at the first sight, very domestic, welcoming, and relaxing at the same time. Volumes that may describe anything between a noble cup and a uterus, chairs in various shapes, serving perhaps an ancestor’s rest or a royal vocation, invented images of some ancient devices and, conclusively, an arch-boat. However, no shape is definite but “bitten” or deformed by some detailed elements, clearly adding new meanings. The importance of a detail achieved by cutting out or attaching steps that obviously originate in safety elements from peasant buildings by the Danube side leads to the artist’s philosophical space and the intelligent play of the shapes of his sculptures as if they were echoes. At the same time, the wooden shapes may tempt one into poetic interpretations (for instance the potential letters of the divided wall of the arch-boat) or images of the most exact sheep breeding activities, bronze may equally generate the joy of the eye in its strange shapes or memories from Thracian times about a history which one would guess rather than feel. The ultimate sensation is that of a fully-functional natural universe with a primordial rural content however welcoming only for those who do not forget that it is essential to make an effort just as it is to initiate. A tame mystery.

Doru Mares | art critic


2005 - 2009 Promotion- Start the Ph.D. Thesis: "The artistic work in the learning culture of the Waldorf school and its educational biographical significance" (supervision of the thesis: Prof. Heiner Ullrich, J.-G.  Univ. Mainz) - not completed (DE)

2003 – 2006 Study of anthropology and pedagogy, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (DE)

2000 – 2003 Study of fine art/sculpture, Alanus University After / Bonn (Prof. Andreas Kienlin and Prof. Jo Bukowski) (DE)

1995 - 1999 Study of Pedagogy- fine arts, Diploma (B.A), (supervision of the thesis: Prof. Sabina Ivascu) (RO)

1991 – 1995 Study of medicine, Bucharest (RO)


2018 „Muntii nostri aur poarta“ Atelierhaus am Domagkpark, SRGIM e.V and Doina Lie Association, Munich (DE)

2014 Argonauten - Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre (DUCTAC) - Dubaï (UAE)

2012 Parallaxe (Preview)- Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) - Dubaï (UAE)

2012 Argonauten (Preview)- Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) - Dubaï (UAE)

2011 Noah s Ark Project with Daniel Balanescu – HALMA - the European network of literary centers, Germany / Port Cetate (RO) 2011Noah s Ark Project with Daniel Balanescu – The Long Night ́of Museums Koblenz –Gelerie Jean-Marc Laik and Robert Bosch Stiftung (DE)

2011 Gallery artclub, Köln (DE) 2010 Gallery Lehalle, Paris (FR)

2010 Gallery Györfy, Budapest (HU)

2009 Lille Artfair, France  with Galerie Laik (FR)

2009 Gallery artclub, Köln (DE)

2009 AAF Bruxelles,Belgium with Galerie Laik (B)

2008 Gallery Laik, Koblenz (DE)

2008 Gallery artclub, Köln (DE)

2003 Gallery Laik, Koblenz (DE)

2001 - 2003 Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences /Schloss Alfter (DE)

2000 Romanian embassy, Bonn (DE)


2012 „Parallaxe. Between evidence from one point of view and self reflection“. Paintings -Maxim Corciova/ e-Book (DE / UAE)

2011 „ARCHETYPUS. Words and Images“ / Anant Kumar & Maxim Corciova Epla, Ganderkesee Publishing House (DE)

2009 „Archetypus - Sculptures - Maxim Corciova“. Galerie Laik et. K. von Herz, Koblenz/ Cologne (DE)

2008 Mentioned in „Not Just Another Catalogue“ - Art Fair Bruxelles (B)

2008 Mentioned in „Art Fair Lille Catalogue“ (FR)

2008 27 graphics by Maxim Corciova: in Anant Kumar: „Ein Inder  in Deutschland“, Wiesenburg Publishing House – Schweinfurt (DE)  2007 Fine Arts: in Nasrin Amirsedghi (ed.): „Die sieben Dimensionen - Ästhetische Bildung als Mittel zur Integration“, DIA/Publishing House – Mainz (DE)

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