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Art in Conversation with Nada Stojici


With this selection of works,  Nada Stojici finds an increasingly well-defined place among the young artists from Timisoara, and not only, detaching herself in a way from what is happening around her but also from herself, respecting, At the same time, her previous principles and approaches, the ones that brought her here before us. As most of us know, her name has become synonymous with the fascination with obictualism, the metamorphic, cavernous object in a labyrinthine and mysterious way, occupying the central element in the creator's search, in the research on form, begun long ago.

Sculptor | Romania

Artist Statement

Unconsciously, I have created a universe of primary shapes circle-square, sphere-spiral, red-blue, hot-cold, bronze-wood, appearance-play. the simple form reaches man much faster, it is the ancestral language we have. Matter means space, networks of lines and points, vibrations in form. Matter is a game with infinite possibilities. There is no mistake, there is only transformation. What is true today, ceases tomorrow. We exist and are connected to life. We are interconnected ... and pulsating like fishes in the ocean. We depend on the light of the other next to us, on one's thought and energy. 

Nada Stojici

b. 1980,Timisoara


1990 - 1998 - Fine Art School, Timisoara

2003 - Graduated the Fine Art Faculty of Timisoara, sculpture specialization

2004 - Post-graduate studies, sculpture

Member of Artist Union U.A.P. Timisoara

2009 - 2020 Founding member of the Association Cloud Factory

2015 - Doctoral studies

Over 50 group and personal exhibitions. 

Artworks in private collections in France, Germany, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden

1996 - Second Prize at the International Olympics of Fine Arts, Timisoara
1996 - Mention at the National Olympics, Iasi
1997 - Jury Prize for sculpture, Magura Buzaului
1998 - The special prize offered by the Ion Andreescu Academy at the National Olympics, Odorheiul Secuiesc
1999 - Prize at the “Timisoara 1989” contest, Timisoara
2003 - Juventus Prize 2003 and special mention given by Austrian Airlines in the contest "Ego-grafii", Triade gallery -Timisoara
2005 - Excellence Diploma for the contribution to the promotion of the image of Timisoara in Europe - event "The art of living in a European city" - European Parliament Brussels, Timisoara City Hall
2007 - Pro Cultura Timisiensis Award, Timis County Council.

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