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Art in Conversation with Natalia Bica


Natalia Bica's works are emphasize on one hand the directions of the modern experimental engraving by fusing traditional techniques (monotype, drypoint, aquatinta and aquaforte), as well as personal methods developed in the past years and unconventional materials which are usually not associated with engraving. Using the metallic sheets of paper instead of a metal plate, with the natural pigments dust directly on the surface, as well as combining them with different biding agents, sometimes with cutting techniques and then reassembly the structures with overlaying and gestural inking, etc. 

All of those elements encompassed  together  to reveal a fresh and a modern approach for engraving techniques, thus showing the work’s the original and unconventional means of expression.

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

Physical materials create experiences 

-- Rudolf Arnheim

Rudolf Arnheim's quote highlights a specific aspect of the spirit, namely, that of permanently describing oneself, when the inner world becomes perceptible only through its encounter with a material support that will take its "imprint". Similarly, personal artistic creation is metaphorical or a journey of images that reflects the imagination as a product of merging the "inner portrait" with the outer world.

The forms of expression that particularize and define personal creation have been gradually outlined during the stages of professional evolution both through theoretical and practical investigation of more or less familiar areas and through multiple technical experiences, addressing traditional materials and ways of working. and experimental that led to the discovery of new ways of understanding and using them.

The iconography of the image is conceived by a vibration of the forms that evolve in the sphere of the figurative, outlining silhouettes and covering in some places an abstract character rendered through colored surfaces and gestural graphics.

Visual expression is characterized by: spontaneity, gestures, experimentation, curiosity and incidentality...

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