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Art in Conversation with Nicole Jutka


Nicole Jutka is visual artist, designer, art teacher with over 200 projects and 2000 students. 

She is a multiple award winner, established international visual artist, with exhibitions in museums, her works can be found in the collection in several countries: Germany, USA, France, Italy, Slovakia, Romania. Nicole works and lives in Bedburg/Germany & Bucharest/Romanaia.

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

The basis of my work communicates the message of light penetrating the darkness "Light penetration darkness". I understand light as love, joy, peace, the essential attributes necessary for human existence.

Where does it come from, how do we find it, do we need it? Is it the basis of all things?
I was concerned with the simple relationship between light and darkness and also the most complex concept that carries philosophical, spiritual questions about our human existence. I'm studying the idea, the adventure that I don't know where it leads.

I am interested in forms that have life, that are not static. I use fluorescent pigments to install another dimension, 3D, penetrating the space of darkness, the paintings transform under the black light become a new creation, like a pictorial sculpture in motion, the interior or so to speak the soul of the painting. Two totally different perspectives, as two existing parallels.

Colours, compositions gather contemplation, search, experience recalls the definition of light captures moments and revokes existential questions. The flow of inspiration comes from the experience of the journey of life that begins and it is not known where it goes.

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