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Art in Conversation
with Nora Blaj


Nora Blaj is an exploratory artist. "She brings to the surface of her own works, with the help of colors, graphic signs, writing, inserts of all kinds, an interior geometry which is subjective, ontological. The equations of the images inside the frames seem to have a simple solution for the viewers. By looking at them, the answer comes naturally on our lips: yes, I like them.

But the tasteful visual impact that occurs when the eye meets Nora's compositions is also due to their interior substance, full of vitality. They have a heart. The artist actually paints the answers to some deeply human questions, and we like them because we recognize many of these answers as being ours. It is here, at your disposal, a journal that may seem impersonal(as abstract art is in most cases).

If we look closer, we discover the threads of a story written in the first person, a story about the self. About the plunge into the darkness and the light of life. Nora brings the light to the surface, be it red, yellow, orange, depending on the time at which her personal sun is: at sunrise, at dusk, or at noon.

Robert Serban, Nora Blaj's personal sun

Visual Artist | United Kingdom

Artist Statement

I was born on the 16th of March 1971, under the sign of Pisces, being quite determined since only a child.

When people asked me " What do you want to be when you grow up?" I always answered " a pedagogue. So I became one, but only for 6 years, during which time I learned from the children how to be a child, to be free, to paint. After the graduation of a fashion design college in 1993, I realized I wanted more, so I enrolled at the Fine Arts Faculty.

Nora Blaj is the lucid, temperamental type of artist. If there is something about her painting that convinces me, it has to be this eruptive energy of saturated chromatic densities, which exalts visual excitation all the way to paroxysm. But also the confessive-interrogative refluxes, a sign of sensory relaxation, which positions her in the abstract or conceptual areas of painting.

Corneliu Antim

1971      -  Born on the 16th of March in Timisoara, Romania

1993     -  Graduated from Timisoara's Fashion and Design College

2000     -  Graduated from Timisoara's Art Academy

2001       -  Member of the Union of Romanian Plastic Artists

2008      -  Member of "European Artists e.v. Association" (EAA), Velbert, Germany

2008      -  Best artist of the year U.A.P. Romania, Award

2020      -  The President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, signed the decoration decree of Nora Blaj, as recognition for promoting Romanian art outside the country's borders.

Group exhibitions: Austria, Germany, Holland, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, India, Hungary, Serbia and Poland.

Artwork in Galleries: Austria, Germany, Holland, and Romania.

Art fairs participation: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and Romania.

Personal exhibitions: coming, first scheduled in October 2021 in Bucharest.

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