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Art in Conversation with Oana Bejinari


Bejinari Oana-Gabriela, (b. 1998) is a student at Visual Arts of Design Faculty within the George Enescu University of Arts, Painting department, Master II. Oana has always been passionate about the arts, being a field in which she won national and international awards in school and high school, andduring later studies, she had the opportunity to exhibit in various group exhibitions. Regarding the plans for the future, Oana wish to continue to practice in this field, to exhibit works of art and to build an artistic career that would bring her satisfaction especially on a spiritual level.

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

My works analyze the experience of loneliness in the postmodern era, aiming at decoding the concept of voluntary and conscious isolation. In a society dominated by economic, technological progress, the false illusion is created that we are always connected to what is happening around us. In reality, we are witnessing a spiritual "disconnection" in order to be available in the virtual world. In the form of a game of hiding, the characters hide behind various objects, plants, to illustrate a situation from which we want to get out, to escape.

The childish “hide-and-seek” game involves important processes such as the permanence of objects, which continue to exist even when we cannot be seen or touched, as well as trust in the relationship of separation and reunion. I chose to illustrate the experience of loneliness through this game, but not through the eyes of the child, but through the filter of the experiences of the mature person. The need for refuge, for temporary loneliness best exemplifies the desire to hide sometimes. In this sense, space plays an important role, being a landmark for both those who seek and those who hide. The artistic universe created by the elements of plastic language outlines the intention to develop a personal style, highlighting a topical issue, contributing to the awareness of reciprocity between oneself and the outside world, the authentic experience of loneliness facilitates not only creativity, spirituality, but especially intimacy. 

Through the proposed works, which are part of my personal project "Hide and Seek", I want to highlight the fact that the phenomenon of loneliness deserves a closer analysis and more in-depth research of its effects on everyday life.

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