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Art in Conversation with Oana Gavrila


Oana D. Gavrila  is a London-based emerging artist born and raised in Craiova, Romania. She discovered art in 2018 when, after a struggle with depression and find her own style in figurative art. Oana Gavrila is influenced and inspired by fashion, Pop Art, Street Art, Modernism and Art Nouveau. 

Painter | UK

Artist Statement

I am an abstract figurative artist and my expressive mixed media works combine oil, acrylics, imitation gold leaf, paint markers and cut out paper all applied in an equally diverse manner using brushes,palette knives, fingers, paint rollers and paper to create expressive and striking imagery.

My unique style can be recognised from the combination of natural flowing lines with harsh diagonals, clean crisp areas of colour with layered messy paint and cut out paper. The finished works are a mix of modern and almost futuristic look, whilst still managing to retain a raw traditional aesthetic. I am influenced and inspired by diverse sources including; Fashion, Pop Art, Street Art, Modernism and Art Nouveau, all pulled together to create stylised works.

Being a self taught artist I learned everything on my own, through art books from the library, watching tutorials by artists that I admire and through a lot of work, practice and dedication.

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