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Art in Conversation with Ovidiu Batista


Ovidiu Batista (b.1987), is an artist characterized by his oniric, surreal and expressionism way to see and define the actual society in his works. He have a deep inspiration from all the trips around and his works are defined by a lot of influence in actual news social media and fashion world.

Many of his projects explore quotidian life and his aspects with the conflict between the conscious and unconscious side of the way that the contemporary individuos of our society are acting and thinking in their actions.

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

Ovidiu Batista

(Romanian, b.1987)

Born in the city of Barlad, he is now studying for a Ph.D level at the University of Art and Design in Timisoara (Romania). In 2009 he moved at Ecole de Beaux Art de Metz (France) during the first year of the master study and in 2010, he win a residence in the Fundacion CI.E.C. Betanzos-A Coruna (Spain) to develop his graduacion in the masters techniques in Etching, Lithography and Silkscreen.

Starting with 2012 he collaborated with BetterPress Studio in Rome (Italy) realizing silkscreen workshops and some expositional projects, participating in few collaborations with others international artists in Rome and the Tuscany region.

He has been the subject of solo and group exhibitions at institutions and galleries such as Arancha Osoro Gallery in Oviedo Spain; Saloned'automne Grand Palais, Paris, France; Festival della CREATIVITA Museum of Contemporary Art / ROMA (MACRO) Italy; Monty4 Gallery A Coruna / Spain; Quinta del Sordo Madrid / Spain; MÚSI La Felguera Asturias/ Spain; Art Fair Cuarto Público Santiago de Compostela / Spain; Art Show Busan / South Korea; Alonso Vidal Gallery Barcelona / Spain; Fundación CIEC, Betanzos / Spain; Fig Bilbao / Spain; Come find me - Florence / Italy; Betterpress Lab Roma / Italia; Espacio Cultural Pedro Remy, Braga / Portugal; Solar das

Bouças-Amares-Braga/Portugal; Art Residence Creative Analog, "From photography to graphics and back." Kostanjevica na Krki/ Slovenia.

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