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Art in Conversation with Paula Vladescu


Urban shadows outline the light of memories about Umbria. From reflextions and reflections, Paula Vladescu imagines a fairytale world, with castles, princesses and knights, with romantic landscapes and steam of dreams, in faded perspectives and golden accents.
It is a float to pass in this imaginary pictorial exhibition about untrue times and true sensations.

Marius Tita, art critic

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

Born in 1957, in Bucharest, Paula Vladescu graduated from the Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts - Bucharest. She participates in numerous group exhibitions and has works in private collections in Romania, Switzerland, South Africa, China, Dubai, Canada, England, Serbia, USA. 

Through what I paint, I try to create, using mixed techniques, a transformation of the real into the unreal. The mirroring of real images, metamorphosing into unreal images, preoccupies me to transpose on the canvas the wonderful effects of these plastic transformations.

The matter and the reflection of the lights, their fusion in the world of waters are my favorite themes.
The borderline image between gold and silver is a form of expression in my compositions with a medieval flavor, in which the human spirit, although not figuratively present, he is everywhere, in the anamorphoses of the old with the new, in a real dream atmosphere.

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