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Art in Conversation
with Petre Chirea


Petre Chirea is one of the most interesting painters today. His exhibition concepts always have solid theoretical support, as is the "Manuscriptum" project, which was born in Nuremberg and was cleaned by Cristina Simion, owner of "Tiny Griffon Gallery". The artist reached this point, due to his passion for the written word and for the ancient relics of civilization. Some of the compositions were present on the walls of the “Caminul Artei” Gallery, at the “OST ANDERS” Art Festival in Nuremberg, and at the “Blue Biennial” in Brasov.

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement


"Matricula plebaniae Cibiniensis" (1310-1630), the oldest relic of the German language written in Transylvania, was the starting point of the project "Manuscriptum", signed by the painter Petre Chirea. His approach becomes exciting when the pictorial and graphic transposition overlap, then relax and metamorphose in the style of the artist, defined by treatment and a direct experience in relation to the motif. From the form of mental writing, written or painted with a brush, the artist reaches the point of plastically disseminating civilizations and times, freeing himself from the norm of past times and restoring the freedom inherent in his being. For this approach, Petre Chirea researched, discovering formulas appropriate to his concept, placing his thinking in the context of his own manner, tangential to the experiments of abstract expressionism, which are specific to him "

PETRE CHIREA (b. 4. 12.1959, Giurgiu )

member UAPR

2017- Master Degree, National University of Arts, Bucharest, Painting Specialization, Professor Petru Lucaci class

2016 –Bachelor Degree, National University of Arts, Bucharest Professor Petru Lucaci class

2008 - Bachelor Degree, Faculty of Marketing and International Economic Affairs, Marketing specialization, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest.


2020 - “Constantin Gavenea” National Graphic Biennial, Tulcea

2020 - National Art Biennial "Camil Ressu" Galati

2020 - Personal exhibition "LUX ANIMAE", curator Ana Amelia Madalina Dinca, at the UNESCO Cultural Center "Ionel Perlea", Slobozia

2020 - "Ost Anders" (East otherwise) group exhibition Nuremberg, Germany, curator Polina Pravdikova

2020 - Galateca Gallery, selected in the #contactless art wall project, Manuscriptum virtual exhibition

2019 - Book & arts, object, with the Manuscriptm project, Cantacuzino Busteni Castle, curator Alexandra Ardelean

2019 - Urban, collective exhibition "Caminul Artei" with the project "Manuscriptum", painting, object

2019 - “Alexandru Ciucurencu” Painting Biennial, Braila Art Museum

2019 - Reflections, collective expo Art Gallery of the University of Architecture

2019 - Blue Biennial, Brasov, curators Victoria Taroi and Cristina Simion

2018 - Nomination for the Brâncusi Awards within the exhibition Drawing POST BRÂNCUSI, 3rd Edition, “Alexandru Stefulescu” History Museum, Târgu Jiu, Curators Vasile Fuiorea, Pavel Susara

2018 - Biennial of Fine Arts "Gheorghe Petrascu", Targoviste

2018 - National Painting Salon, UAPR organizer

2018 - Personal exhibition March-May with My Town, My Universe at the Consulate General of Romania in Munich

2017 - Residence and Personal Exhibition Nuremberg, Germany, Tiny Griffon Gallery

2017 - National Foundation of Fine Arts TEMEIURI 12th edition at the Romanian Parliament, “Constantin Brâncusi” hall Bucharest Small Salon, CAP curator Ionut Theodor Barbu exhibition

2017 - Dan Platon plastic creation camp, Ploiesti

2017 - National Painting Salon, Bucharest Visual Arts Center, UAPR organizer

2017 - Personal exhibition Workshop 2017 EricCris Gallery Bucharest

2016 - Targoviste Art Biennale, Curtea Domneasca Museum

2016 - Personal exhibition Baroque story at the gallery of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks

2016 - Collective exhibition In pursuit of the present, organizer UNARTE - Bucharest Center for Visual Arts

2016 - My Town personal exhibition - Goldart Auction House

2015 - Drawing from the workshop, 3rd edition April-May 2015 organized by the West University of Timisoara, Center for the creation of contemporary visual arts

2015 - Midway traveling personal exhibition, organizers of Art A and the National Association for Contemporary Visual Arts

2015 - Midway personal exhibition - Stirbei Palace. Curator Cristian Anghel

2015 - Art Safari, Bucharest Contemporary Art Fair, with the Midway project, through Art A Gallery, curator Cristian Anghel (edited catalog)

2015 - Midway 01, the Lavacow / Artmark

2015 -Itinerant collective exhibition - The New Angels of Justice, organizer UNARTE, Bucharest (opening at the Academy of Academic Studies) itinerant Chisinau, Venice, Budapest.

2015 - Pro Boholt painting camp - Boholt locality, Brasov county

2015 - Pro Boholt group exhibition at the Museum of the Country of Fagaras "Valeriu Literat"

2014 - Personal exhibition Berlin - Bulgarian Cultural Institute - Colors under the sky of Bulgaria

2014 - Collective exhibition Contemporary Attitudes, Slobozia

2012 - Collective exhibition - Art Gallery Balchik, Bulgaria.

2012 - Gheorghe Petrescu Biennial, Dâmbovita Art Museum, Târgoviste (edited catalog 2012-Ion Andreescu Biennial, Buzau (catalog edited) Completed projects: Midway, My Town, My Universe, Venice Today, Baroque story

Works in private collections in the country and abroad

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