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Art in Conversation with Radu Goia


Attentive to details and master of pictorial techniques, Radu Goia does not propose atmospheric images that become allegories and metaphors. His creation has evolved into a subtle and ample discourse, towards real form and warm colors, which gives it closeness and modernity. All this allows him to focus on soul topics, social issues and uplifting human aspirations. Thus, Radu Goia is perfectly defined as a sensitive and involved artist, generous creator of an intense work. 

Marius Tita

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

What can an artist say about him and his work more than he shows through his brush and his art.

I can't detach myself from reality, just as I can't break away from the imaginative and the metaphysical world. They are fundamental components in claiming the creation created for each of us.

The primary belief that all my work comes from is as simple as how air enters and leaves the lungs -  the three fundamental questions that I consider necessary for each of us as humans on this earth, namely: where we come from, who we are and where are we heading.

Rather than exploring life outside, I prefer to experience the outside through inner travel. I believe that all are necessary for our experience, our existence.

My artworks reflect this path of initiation even when I approach a more abstract theme. We looked for a form of narrative in painting, which usually involves a more figurative approch, but at the same time symbols and stories that lead to the deepening of fundamental aspects of the physical and inner life of each of us. Awareness, joy, sadness, happiness, constant struggle between light and darkness.

When an artist talks about his work, he talks about himself, about his philosophy of life. It may be irrelevant to mention the activities and participations in painting camps, exhibitions, symposia, murals in the country and abroad, but they are all simply part of the normal activity of an artist, as I want to consider myself - the painter Radu Goia.

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