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Art in Conversation with Razvan Simon


During the six years I have been collaborating with Razvan Simon, I noticed his ability to adopt unconventional visual subjects and technologies in an inspired way, but also the constant interest in approaching stylistic formulas specific to contemporary arts, with a certain appetite for abstract painting of a certain complexity and refinement. In the context of various activities within the university program, but also of the personal exhibition "Simon's People", which took place at the gallery "Nicoale Tonitza" of UAP Romania - Iasi Branch, as well as the remarkable presence at several group exhibitions , including his participation in the group exhibitions that the undersigned organized during the 2017-2020 editions of the International Education Festival in Iasi, I always noticed remarkable results. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cristian Ungureanu

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

Razvan Simon (n. 1997) graduates in 2019 Faculty of Visual Arts and Design within the ‘George Enescu’ National University of Arts, Iasi, Romania

2021: "Simon's People", Tonitza Gallery, Iasi

2017: "Visiting Art History", Hall of Lost Steps, Al.I.cuza University, Iasi
2017: "Expressions", Tonitza Gallery, Iasi
2018: "Enneagram", Hall of Lost Steps, Al.I.cuza University, Iasi
2018: "Traces of the soul", Union Museum, Iasi
2018: "Visiting Art History", Hall of Lost Steps, Al.I.cuza University, Iasi
2018: "TramArt Studio", Iasi

2019: "The future is now", Hall of Lost Steps, Al.I.cuza University, Iasi
2019: "Territories dedicated to the soul", Unirii Museum, Iasi
2020: "Abstract Expression", online
2021: "Mecena Art Gallery", Bucharest
2021: "Atelier 35", Galeria La Gard, Iasi
2021: "The Way of Suffering", Regina Maria Municipal Museum, Iasi
2021: "Mesmerizing colors of HAPPINESS", Palace of Culture, Iasi & Muliebrity, Iasi
2021: "From high to high", HAISUS-CREATIVE CLOUD, Iasi

I create abstract artworks and I feel most comfortable using water-based paint, highlighting the links that help shape the final image, so practically the process of making it. My paintings are not planned, starting only from different moods. Sometimes my artworks are related to places or people who contributed to my evolution, and other times I start painting, looking for a visual harmony. I look for a rhythm using shapes and colors, connecting ‘invisible dots’. These connections are created on the principle of forming memories, suggesting a familiar atmosphere.

My artworks focus on the line through visible touches. I often refer to cross-disciplinary research, correlating painting with ideas from the sphere of philosophy or science. The main themes are nature, birth and death, seen as the concept through the causal relationship of the lines. Having a mathematical origin, nature leaves an important imprint on the seemingly banal spaces and the people around me. It is used as a strategy for a structural narrative, its forms changing around the others, thus creating a vitality, which expresses a sense of balance. At the same time, nature highlights the harmony between its general form and detail, respectively its complexity. Enormously influenced by Pollock's lack of explanatory obligation and Rothko's emotion, my painting shows a discharge of both physical and spiritual tension. Also, my painting is influenced by the vision of the Sigma Group in Romanian art, their main landmarks of aesthetic perspectives being the visual structures, schemes, calculation and repetitions.

I consider that the gesture is a surprising element necessary in the creation of one's own work, as it marks the creative impulse of the moment.

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