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Art in Conversation
with Sorin Giurgea


It was decided to appear on Romanian lands on February 2, 1978. I grew up in the country, in a locality only 3 kilometers from Onesti, Bacau. You didn't lack inspiration in the country, you couldn't miss it. Animals, birds, fields of all colors throughout the year. It was all magic. This magic passed quickly. When you learn spring green, winter came and you gave another page.

I liked drawing as a child, I painted in that faded watercolor that you had to put in water a few hours before using it to dissolve. I didn't have much time for art, there was a lot to do around the house. I sculpted more, I invented toys. I remember when I was 10 I sculpted a bust, Buddha and a boat. I also liked to draw; when I had time I drew mostly landscapes or trees. And today, when I feel the need for a break or a passage, I draw a tree and I see myself as in a film on canvas, I feel as if I were planting it then.

Sorin Giurgea, interview extract

Painter | United Kingdom

Artist Statement

I decontextualize; then, I reconstruct. My paintings are a visual diary of my life's journey and experiences. I believe that abstract art produces a much more accurate picture of the things we see daily through our feelings.

When I paint, I am not seeking the real, what the eye sees, but the emotion it produces upon me. My color palette could be boundlessly diminished and infinitely elevated. My goal in this is to make my colors sing with all the intensity and to create emotions through a setting I have encountered before. I prize color for its powerful symbolism and employ it to communicate emotions.

Everything around speaks to me. Growing up in a rural community, I have always felt connected to the myriads of infinite tones of nature. The surrounding atmosphere of the rivers and forests, fields, and mountains were my inspiration as a young man.

Later, the inspiration for my work came from the details and moments of everyday life, but especially from people - loved ones, or strangers I encounter- and they're deeply thundered endless emotions.

The act of painting is both a challenge and a reward for me; I listen to my work, I feel it, and I seek to impart a sense of vitality and joy, a celebration of the greatest art of all – life.



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